Zombie Carmine’s ? Open discussion

Understand this was a theme in gears 4 but if any zombie skins were to make a return in this game. I assume it would be for the Carmine’s. What do you guys think?

Completely off topic but I’d love me some snow armor Carmine as well. Just sayin haha.

Just give me as many Carmine’s as you can…

I’ll even take delivery driver Clayton if that’s what it takes haha.

I collect them…


Asfu fields Anthony


Yes plz!


I was just kidding but your enthusiasm is…er…infectious.

I was referring to the way Anthony pronounces Aspho in this clip

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No more Zombies please. They looked ugly as all hell and were stupid. Let them stay in their grave this time.

Always thought it sounded like he said “Asphio Fields”.


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Disagree the Carmine zombies were really cool because it was how they died

I just have a general disliking for the Zombie skins, whether the character is alive or not. They looked terrible.

And putting aside that there wouldn’t be enough left of Lizzie to make a “Zombie” character model that was playable, it would just be adding salt to a wound that TC made when they offed an otherwise very promising character because they decided the dead meme had to live on when they looked at who to kill off for JDs character development.

No. While we’re at it we’ve been lucky so far with having no Day of the Dead or Color Blast skins either. All 3 of these need to stay far away from Gears 5

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Only if they bring back the original dialogue from 4… “brains” !!