Zii's Gears 5 Montage - Inspiring you to play (Hopefully)

I’ve always loved montages, I’ve made them since 2006 and continue to do. I might not always have the best gameplay, editing but I always try to “create” something. My first montage on Gears 5 was me getting used to PC Gears and the franchise again after taking a break away from it. I believed I was making one montage and quitting. However 8 months later I’m still here and that is thanks to your support.

In thanks to you I wanted to create a piece that reminds me of the “old days”. The classic montage music, the flury of shotgun kills and the odd nice snipes. I didn’t want to really try “compete” with other Gears 5 montages, they do wall bouncing, trap music and that’s not me. I’m the guy that tries to win every game he plays and records his best moments.

In this montage there will be, the odd nice shot, the odd blindfire, a few nice hill retakes and some shotgun sprees. Sadly it’s more flank and one shot 4 people rather then dance 3 people into the ground but hey, it is what it is. I really like the way the video came out and wanted to share.

I used classic montage music because thats important, I took a copyright claim for this because the visual element of the piece is more important than ad revenue. I love montages and I hope this inspires you to play, thats what they used to do for me when I was a kid.


U must record hundreds of clips, ill be honest. i watched about 3mins, 13 mins is a bit much for a montage. Id rather watch a vid u do when u talk about the game and give us ur honest opinion in which mostly everything u say i agree with.

Must of took u ages to edit all they clips, only time ive ever made montages is with the 1 u get on the console called upload studio, and that can take a while.

Keep up the good work tho my man ur (educational) vids r ace


Awesome montage Op,:sunglasses::+1:

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Nice video sir. But way too long. No montage should be past 5 min. Especially in this day and age where almost everyone has some form of A.D.D. :grin:

This is a short video for me :slight_smile: lol


It was really only like 11 mins long, and technically could’ve been 3 separate montages, but I like longer videos. Life isnt about the destination for me, it’s the journey. Were all headed to the same place

Really good btw. Nice half dozens!

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Yeah these are pieces of work to me that I can look back on. 11 Minutes of a journey, not 3 parts for more views for “retention”

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