Zero XP for Escape?

Joined an Escape run on The Clock on Inconceivable. They had just made it past the checkpoint and were waiting for venom. They cleared the scions and freed me and I helped them clear the rejects. We grabbed gear from the safe room and went to the final area, cleared the scions and rejects, and held the door for a clean escape.

I got zero character XP. Is this simply a tracking bug where my XP will get added eventually, or did I miss something important?

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You gotta pay iron. They’re withholding XP until you pay up.

Doubtful. I think this is a bug or I’m misinterpreting some mechanic in Escape. I had been playing for about 2 hours, helping people finish off the last 10-20 waves of horde. I did an Escape run after that and character XP was still tracking. Then this match happened. I logged off though. Really uncool to see zero XP after a match.

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Oh wow that’s messed up. I’d try rebooting to see if you get the xp credited and then playing a match to see if you start receiving again.

Thanks I will try rebooting when I log on next time

Let me know how it goes, I wonder if it was a tracking or a display bug.

If it is a tracking bug maybe joining in progress partway through the second act of a two act hive doesn’t give you class exp for example.

If it is easy to repro its quicker to point out exactly where the problem lies to TC.

Yeah I’ll update this thread next time. I’ll see if I can reproduce it.

The post-match results did not show any character XP but did show regular XP (ie towards reups).

I went into customization for Clayton, who I was using for that last match on The Clock. When I looked at his character XP, it was unchanged from 1 match earlier.

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There was some XB Live issues still going on tonight and while the last update indicated no issues with the servers/services responsible for gameplay and storage or registration of progression, I wouldn’t be surprised if those issues were at cause for that not registering.

Might very well be a bug, though I haven’t run into anything alike myself so far.

Update: that one Escape run’s worth of XP for Clayton is nowhere to be found.

I joined another Inconceivable game on The Clock as Lahni but this time, before the checkpoint had been reached. Got the character XP as normal upon completion.

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So it seems the answer is that for whatever reason that specific run didn’t count.

Yeah. I did some horde as Clayton and character XP is tracking properly.

Nothing like an unreproducible bug to dampen the mood.

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Joining after the safe rooms will give you minimal to zero xp depending on a few factors and sometimes you’re lucky to get 1 card.


I believe joining after Clock safe room gives 1-2 cards on Incon.

But the XP, if someone can get Hail Mary, Methodical, Coupe De Grace or Hat Trick in second section, then that’s something. Instead of zero to minimal XP.

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yea its 2 cards and very little xp

I wonder if this is to stop people from doing some kind of exploit?

Regardless of intent, The Coalition disincentivizes joining custom lobbies in Escape.

I suspect it’s just the way the reward system in Escape works(not character XP in particular, just generally). Passing only a single act usually gives 1-2 or maybe 3 skills and a lower amount of XP than doing the entire hive from start to finish if it has 2-3 acts.

Right, but “lower amount” and “zero” are not the same thing.

It’s like if playing master horde had a chance to give zero skill cards instead of just 5 greens.

To be fair the other two players had completed the first half of the hive like I described in the original post. But when I joined I helped them mop up the majority of the second half and even made a couple of revives. Zero character XP? If this was truly not a bug then my statement stands. It disincentivizes joining in-progress.

I’m pretty sure joining in progress should still give character XP, but I don’t remember ever doing so when I still had characters to level so not 100% certain on it.

Not sure how it would make for an exploit either as the amount of XP received for a character seems to go up the more time is spent in a hive. Just joining in when the match is about to end wouldn’t yield nearly as much as going in from the beginning, and it would be pointless to join single act hives already underway if this was a thing. So I would think it is a bug rather than intended feature.