You've got to fix matchmakings

Like really. Early Access is over and I’m still getting kicked from games due to inactivity when I’m in a lobby waiting for the match to start, I get ‘lobby disolved’ even though I’m solo (it tells me failed to join because a party member quit), the rewards screen still crashes and medals aren’t keeping track of progress.

I understand the game just released but people play Gears for the PvP… If we can’t PvP, we don’t want to play. I get it, we have Horde, Escape, and an awesome campaign… but the PvP is still broken. I’m just frustrated. I’d usually just go play something else until the issues are resolved but I love Gears and I just want to play.

Hell, even the stats are bugged and I couldn’t care less about them.

It isnt just pvp. I cannot join horde without getting disconnected either instantly from the lobby or as soon as the game begins. I haven’t even tried my luck with escape since pvp and horde disconnect me 100% of the time. Yes the game was hyped to hell and everyone and their mother’s mother is trying to all play at the same time… but TC had two weekends of tech tests and a whole month to prepare…maybe if they didn’t focus all their time getting permissions for guest characters that make zero sense to have in the game…and instead actually tried to prepare for launch…they wouldn’t have all this backlash that they don’t even seem to care about.

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Wow. I haven’t had that issue yet. Yeah, it sucks… I hope it gets fixed relatively soon as I already have friends walking away.

TC is going to work on this as a priority once the servers are stable and missing progression is rolled out to impacted users.

Closing as we have a ton of threads on this exact issue.