YouTube videos gears 5 flops in sales

I see all over that gears 5 breaks records in 3 million players played in first week. But people all over saying sales wise it totally floped. Of coarse the sales aren’t going to be no we’re huge when they support and push game pass so much. People do not think at all. I bet gears 4 even sold better cause game pass wasn’t really a thing when it came out. Sony fanboys SMH.

This is the dumbest view in the history of sales. The game was designed to PUSH the online games service - this is where it’s going, this game was about pushing their gaming service and it was a complete homerun


I know you’re trying hard to sell that idea, it’s very evident in your posts. But, the truth of the matter is that we don’t know. It’s also silly to claim a homerun for subscriptions when that’s something that is measured over time.

If MS finds that people bailed on traditional sales and just gamepassed it for 1 month, it’ll be a disaster. Our, it could possibly get a lot of users to sustain gamepass memberships (the goal). We really don’t know, neither do they, yet. So, we can stop with the false claims.


What false claims? We have the data they gave us.

Yeah, the data they gave while also annoucing they will stop providing xbox live user numbers. They only show favorable numbers but then again everyone does the same.

No way for us to know if it was good or bad, microsoft will be the only one to know if those 1 dollar suscriptions keep paying after their time is up.

The only time game companies say things are going bad is when they’re about to close. I’ve seen it before, everything is great until they crash and burn.

This is exactly what I did with Sea of Thieves. Played for a few weeks for the low cost of 1.00 (Never bought it). Now I’m enjoying Gears 5 for 2 months for the low cost of 2.00. I’m no doubt 1 of the 3 million they boasted about this time, but I was also 1 in the sea of thieves numbers as well back when they were calling the game a huge hit. Now look at it…

So long as TC fixes the queue times for a full party, I will purchase this game, but if I still have to wait 20 minutes just to find a match with 4 friends, then I’ll be moving on with nearly nothing lost except my time,

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No one game will sustain sub numbers, not Halo, not Gears. They’ll need consistant heavy-hitters all throughout the year, which seems to be the goal moving forward, esp with the studio spree.

As far as needing a mega hit on the service, Gears was it. Shame they blundered the launch.