Youtube & content creation scene needs TC to step it up - an open letter to TC to make NECESSARY improvements

Hi everyone, and mainly, hi to TC as this is addressed directly to you.

I want to start by saying this is only MY opinion and this may not necessarily be 100% mirrored through the whole montage/content creation community, and therefore, anyone replying should not treat the majority of this as factual apart from some very obvious aspects which I will inevitably tell you is fact based.

I’ll cut to the chase to save you time; this is about the Gears montage scene and I will also include streamers in here too. These scenes are completely and utterly shattered. They are, for lack of better description, dead.

I hate the term dead, though. There are remnants of life still flickering, however it is diminishing at an alarming rate, however when you compare above average content upload rate between now and when Gears was at its very peak in Gears 3 it is very obvious something has gone very wrong.

The montage community Gears 1 through 3 poured life into this franchise, and despite Epic not capitalising on that, it flourished all the way through Gears 3’s lifespan and there are still some people left to this day getting content in that game. But ask yourself, why are they playing an 8 year old game and not one that’s not even a year into it’s life?

There are a myriad of reasons, most of which are being addressed or already have been addressed, so this thread is not the place to discuss the state of the game, but rather how TC can make improvements that suit our community.

There is an unwavering support for competitive players, and frankly, even that scene is dwindling. Gears is a BLOCKBUSTER franchise. Gears is a critical factor of why Microsoft could get an Xbox off of the shelf and into the hands of a consumer. I bought my first Xbox because of Gears, and 12 years later I still love this franchise but I find it to be a chore to love it rather than an enjoyment, and that is because there is no support for people like me.

I’m going to start by listing the best montage/content teams to ever grace Gears history (during my experience on Gears 3), and in turn, tell you if they’re still around or if they’re doing anything;

Kaos - 32.5k subs - dead
Avenge - 9.65 subs - dead
oNyx - 1.7k subs - dead
Control - 205 subs - active
Arctic Empire - 4.29k subs - dead
Essence - 660 subs (many more before they changed the team to MorningStar) - active
Blame - 1.07k subs - dead
End - 1.37k subs - active
Vulgar - 920 subs - active
DeNy - 3.69k subs - dead

To clarify, the average amount of people watching/subbed to montage teams (old and new) are currently 5.6k accounts. That’s an average, of course as Kaos and Avenge held majority they would get multiple views and more engagement. But my question is, with this amount of traffic, why do they not upload? I watched a livestream for the competitive scene and peaked at about 8k viewers on Twitch when I watched. To put into perspective, search KaosGoW on Youtube and their top video has 148k views. there was clearly a market for it then. Search Gears 5 montage and mX Glint’s montage is the most watched at 83k views. One video with such a broad search term has just over half the amount of views. Why? If this content is good, and this game being brand new, we should have MULTIPLE videos with a massive amount of views. Search Gears 3 montage and the results speak for themself.
This type of content did better than what you push now, and it’s okay to push an eSports scene, but unfortunately that scene alone does not represent 100% of Gears and it’s about time TC recognised that.

Okay, I appreciate that this is a lot and it looks like I am sort of bashing on you, but I promise you this is not a rant to belittle TC. I want TC to have this type of engagement again from our community. It is BORING that there’s 4 active teams, with about 60-100 active players combined, and barely any want to touch Gears 5. I want them to come back to Gears, and if they came back to play Gears it benefits TC. What I’m about to suggest will hopefully attract players back and give us a reason to want to grind and make content - and it’s free engagement and publicity for TC so I don’t think it’s a poor return on investment.

Immediately what needs to be addressed is weapon spawn times. I have seen Dana on Twitter say they are set the way they are as that is what is better competitively. That’s great - keep them in competitive game modes. Why on earth do we need 2 minute spawn times in Social on weapons when everything ends in 2 minutes anyway?
Montagers prefer TDM and Execution. Execution does not have a weapon respawn problem as it’s 1 life per round, and since you decided to remove it, we only have TDM. I’m sure if you look at analytics most TDM matches do not last long enough for even two Longshots to spawn in unless we rinse through bullets. People are not making Gears 5 content because there is barely any opportunity to get these clips. Torque Bow takes two minutes, most TDM rounds I play if I don’t get to it first I may as well quit out and search another match since I definitely am not using it that round. Side note: people who reply to this calling me out for doing stuff like this, save it, I don’t care. I want to play Gears for clips and hitting nutty shots and make videos for people’s enjoyment. If you’re not into it, that’s fine. This is my hobby and I want the company responsible for the game to hear me and to recognise the decline since Gears 3.

I start by asking you have weapon spawn times for the following weapons at the following for all SOCIAL modes;
Longshot - 30 seconds
Embar - 30 seconds
Torque Bow - 45 seconds
Boomshot - 60 seconds
Dropshot - 60 seconds
All nades - 45 seconds
Rifles - 30 seconds
Boltok - 30 seconds
Heavy weapons - 90 seconds

Feel free to keep Ranked at whatever they are already, as I believe we can certainly separate between the two.

The reason for these changes is so it’s more in line with when the game had its most popular content being made - during Gears 3 - and I think this change would bring more players back from this type of community as they would see more opportunity, therefore can hit more clips for their content, and due to the fast paced nature of Gears 5 this will greatly aid us when it comes to rounds that literally last two minutes,

Suggestion number two would be to completely overhaul the map cycle. The map rotations are absolutely diabolical. I am sick of playing the same three maps in social. Keep a voting system for Ranked, why don’t you streamline Social modes by having a rolling lobby - no more voting, you queue up and find a match, when the match finishes it moves to the next map just like in Gears 2 and Gears 3. This can include ALL maps and cut out rubbish rotation and forcing us to play the same map 5 games in a row. I am not a dev so forgive me if this is a big task, however this is a worthwhile addition and will absolutely assist people in this community. I have barely played any of the new maps, and basically I live in District and it’s BORING.

Suggestion number 3, and this is a really easy one to do, use your social media to your advantage. I’m not saying you support the team I’m in (despite how active we are), but when you have a team with as much pull in this community as Avenge did, arguably the best collection of players this community will ever see, you could have used some of that almost 10k following to your advantage if you just supported them. Tweet about these things. Their work was professional, and much more entertaining than some of the stuff you put on Twitter, and I think that’s an absolutely valid criticism to make. You have essentially lost a 10k following on Youtube due to some of the reasons above., and I think personally it’s high time you actually took the time to support these content creators.
How hard would it be to tweet out important streamers in this community? Someone like Rawr who has been playing this game in this community the same amount of time as me streams it and gives you guys such good Twitter and Twitch engagement, but why don’t you actively support him? He is one of the MOST positive players I have ever met and people like him I feel would be absolutely behind you if he had that support for his streaming.

It takes one tweet to support our best players. I am not included in this category, but I am not jealous. I want these people to succeed for the betterment of our community. Frankly, it’s embarrassing when I look on Twitch and see 148k watching Fortnite and 300 watching Gears 5. Surely, you guys must look at these numbers and feel the same?

As a business, there is nothing more important than your consumers. Unfortunately for you guys, you are not in a position where you can just stick your middle finger up at the consumers. The game does not pull the players, the eSports scene is one of the smallest I’ve ever seen, and content creators literally don’t care about playing this game anymore.
Where do they go? Call of Duty. Fortnite. Destiny. Halo. The list goes on.

These games take your players and those players stream and make content for those games over Gears. Why? They feel the games work better, there is certainly more support for content creators, and they don’t have punitive things in place that hinders their content creators. I have never heard a CoD streamer say “I hate Activision, they don’t listen to the community”, yet every day on Twitter I see that very thing said about TC.

You are in a position where you could quite comfortably engage not only with our community, but on a wider scale too, and start getting people back playing your game just by simply talking to the players. Twitter is where the montage community lives, and that would be so easy to engage with them on there.

With the beta tunings and everything you’re doing right now I support you. I have said negative things about you in the past, and I speak that from the heart as I am passionate about gaming and in particular Gears. You’ve given a lot to the wider community recently, but there are so many other parts the ball has been dropped on which are (what seems to be) quick fixes that put you in a better position. I truly believe with the changes to the lancer, the health regen, etc that this game has the ability to be top tier - capitalise on a community that gives you FREE views.

If I make a good video on Youtube, people may want to play the game too, and in turn, they may make content, so on and so forth. There’s an abundance of people willing to support you, but it’s so difficult when such small things have killed this community off. I’d have people engage with me when I was in Avenge every single day; whether that was positively or negatively. I don’t have that anymore, I would post a Gears 5 video and someone would comment telling me the game sucks.

And for the love of GOD please add a theatre mode so people who edit this content can make professional looking content. You would save editors SO much time.

At this point, I am rambling on. I have said a lot of things that are on my mind, so I am sorry if this isn’t particularly articulate.
I would like to make it clear once more, I am not interested in comments in this thread telling me montages are rubbish and I’m not a good player or anything of the sort. That’s not relevant to this, I don’t care if you don’t like this content personally. I do, and plenty of other people do.

If we win, there are endless benefits. Think of the bigger picture if you love this game.

Thank you for reading, I’d be interested in seeing if other people in here feel the same, and I’d be very interested in dialogue with TC regarding this matter.


Well said my dude. Well said.

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I’ve basically been preaching this since GoW4, really glad to read this. Full support.

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I seriously hope this gains traction…Would love to actually have a reason to want to play this game again.

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Thanks for your note. I really do appreciate your passion and love for the franchise.

The respawn timers are being looked at for Quickplay but i do think adding power weapons makes the matches fun and allows for craziness to happen. I don’t have a timing yet for if/when the changes will come but it is on the list.

The quickplay map rotation is a known issue that the team is actively investigating. We will provide an update when we have more information.

Promoting content creators - we can do better here. The best way to help is to tag me and gears of war on twitter and we’ll do our best to amplify when we see them.


One of the issues is there isnt as much of a demand for montages and because of YouTube algorithm its extremely hard for new montage YouTubers to be found there are loads of small accounts making montages with anywhere from 20 to 200 subscribers but its next to impossible to find their videos on YT without either a link or a friend telling you about them. Yes they are not to the level that UYU Marv or original GOW3 editors (myself included in that) but its hard to stay enthusiastic and try and improve your editing skills with at least slightly positive results, Im going to try to keep improving personally but apart from that there’s not much I can do.

A few smaller YT Montage makers are

o Liinked o - 48 subs
TAG Avenged - 22subs
itsBounceYT - 159subs
Marv - 1.24k subs
Toasted_SyNc - 36 subs

Due to the small amount of subs which is mainly due to the YT algorithm not showing these channels to people who watch gears content.

If there are any other small or big Montagers that are not on either the above list or the list in the original post on this tread please say

Whats your twitter mate? if you search mjrdecision nothing comes up , Thanks

This is his twitter :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for your reply. This actually means so much to me that you took the time to say this.

I agree, power weapons are a big part. I think a lowered time will help massively with the nature of Gears; this is positive you are looking at it and I can tell you there will be a very positive response to this.

With map rotations I appreciate this may be difficult but again, thank you for looking at it and I eagerly await this update.

As for promoting the creators, I don’t want your mentions spammed with any old links. I may not be the best creator, but if you have time to discuss the type of thing that should be promoted by TC I’d be happy to lend you my brain so it’s the right type of content that’s being supported, as I’m sure you’ll agree TC needs to maintain a professional image and not every content creator will have professional content.

Thanks again for the response but just one thing, is there a discussion around theatre mode being implemented? This would be a real game changer.

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Oh its Dana thankyou makes alot of sense lol


End Guts :^) i only have like 120 subs but god am i grateful for every one of them


This is great dude,well said!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I would enjoy theater mode for real


I have 10k subs and actively posted since 2006, I never recieved any help from a gears game in terms of content creation apart from 1 time I got a code for tactics. I don’t expect help as I’m a small channel.

To be honest part of the reason montages are dead is because there is no music allowed on YT and the montage era has gone from almost every scene. Gears also visually isn’t a great game to watch, hence is low esport numbers and figures across the board BAR one or two channels and mexican ones.

Like I dont think TC can do more other then like paying streamers to pay / advertise. The natural viewer base isn’t there, the games moved on.

“Frankly, it’s embarrassing when I look on Twitch and see 148k watching Fortnite and 300 watching Gears 5.”

To be honest, stream viewers dont equate to alive game. Fifa / Cod get actually really low figures on twitch, so do many other games. Just because a game is good, doesnt mean its fun to watch.

This is a really interesting topic and my reply isn’t great, Im going to talk about this a bit more indepth as its a great topic. But yeah, I can blame epic/tc for not supporting but honestly there are other issues as to why people dont watch gears and its not the devs, let me just say that


You forgot teams like.
Team Truly

Just to continuously name off the other teams that also have been in the community, Yes Arcana I agree 100% with you. Thank you for making this post.

Very well articulated, I agree with every point you said and the thought of those changes being implemented makes me excited

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Probably an unpopular opinion here:

I’m ok with streamers. I like a good montage every once in a while. But I have relatively little interest in watching Gears.

I think it’s perfectly ok for TC to give content or advertise/highlight content creators.

That said…Please do not cater the gameplay to streamers. Cater the game to the majority of the fan base.

TC has been moving in the right direction.

No distractions please.


I 100% agree. Players come first and a game should never be designed with montages and content creators in mind. It’s going about it backwards. I mean, if they’re that inclined then use private lobbies and adjust parameters with that. It’s not the same granted, but regardless, we, and I mean all of us, are players and fans first and foremost. Some of us may create content and montages, but the game and what makes it enjoyable is the most important thing.