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How in the world are we supposed to unlock this. I have already done done two runs where we wiped but did not spend any power from the fabricator. The first run I revived a dead teammate at no cost. Yet we thought that is how it was negated. The second run we did not revive anyone, wiped plenty of times and once again did not spend power from the fabricator. Am I missing something here, or is this achievement just that badly broken?


Someone in another thread reported that it didnt work for them due to using the free revive. Which is frustrating.

Thing is Octus said we could use it when DBNO so was the guy dead or DBNO?

No. Octus was talking about the team res, which costs power.

What is being talked about here is a run w/o using power, when someone dies you get the first revive free per wave.

Yeah, me and Burnout COG were in that cluster ■■■■ of a game. I think the achievement’s broken.

I haven’t attempted this Achievement yet, but if it’s true about being broken and unobtainable.
Something needs to be done to check and fix.

Told you @anon41864712 . Don’t even try using the free revive.

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If you look at the second part of my post I did a second run without using that revive and we still didn’t get it. That is where I am confused now

If you do it again, make a small video of you checking the fabricator is level 1, 0/30,000 power just before the game ends

I was going to say, it is a bit concerning that the zero power achievement shows that 0.00% of players have yet to unlock it, but then again the same shows for the Do You Even Lift one, and we got that one last night so I don’t know if its broken or you just cant touch the fabricator AT ALL, not sure.

People have unlocked it. You can see here.

So it isn’t broken, there must be something that we are doing that is wrong.


Like what? I can’t think of anything that my team was doing work last night. Do they want you to not even deploy the fabricator and wait the 8 or so minutes for wave 1 to start on its own. I hope not.

The only thing I can think of is that it’s a delayed achievement and it won’t pop until a few minutes (in my case hours) later. The same thing happened with my Seriously 4.0 achievement. It didn’t pop for about an hour and a half.

When I get home I’m gonna do a hard reset and see if that works.

Our team will be trying in a few hours, we shall see how if it works, and if it does, I will post here.

It may be a delayed unlock. I don’t know. But if it isn’t unlocking, there must be something not really obvious to us.

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Hi guys! I got the achievement like… 5 hours ago, we used revive many times, open the fabricator menu two times… Was monstermash, insane. Hope it helps.
Just to clarify, we chose monster mash so there’s no sentinel/guardian.

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Is Blood Drive supposedly the easiest Map to do this on?

We did blood drive to use the spawn room, although one enemy spawned inside the room in most of the waves…