Your so called shotgun behavior

For the love of god whatever you did to the shotgun please reverse it, its literally trash, noone dies and its just sponge after sponge and its getting really old. Keep the comp settings but for the love of god fix whatever you did to the shotgun, its so bad now, i will collect proof if needed.

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Provide some clips showing what you mean

What. Another thread complaining about sponge. This is getting kinda old

Another one wants comp universal settings…


I’d say leave comp tuning the way it is with movement, etc (except health Regen while sliding) but bring over the Core gnasher to it. Rifles can stay the way they are, it’s a bit overpowered in Core but at the same time I feel like the gnasher is underpowered in comp, almost as if they want to make it ‘all or nothing’ with the gnasher. 5 shots from 5 feet away only gets 50% damage but 2 feet away gets an easy gib. I may not be the greatest player but I just hate it when I’m shooting at a guy and hitting him while he’s strafing but he walks in and blows me away to pieces when I know for certain I would have at least downed him via Core tuning. Just feels like they tweaked it this way to make comp tuning more faster paced. Still having a tough time adapting to it after playing so much Core. And maybe it’s just me but I’ve noticed I do more damage in comp when hipfiring than hard aiming even though I don’t do it that much.

I will say in the last 2-3 days playing, the Gnasher has become more consistently inconsistent, it’s either lag or sponge in general, but I hard aim shoot someone three times with all pellets hit and it registers one shot when I die.

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i try to not to ever use the gnasher because of how inconsistent it is

2v2gnashers is the most frustrating game mode in gears4 with how broken the shotgun is coupled with high ping sponges

We know.

Gears of War 4 is trash. Next week the shotty might be overpowered and kill before you press RT. Or maybe smoke grenades will be OP. Stay tuned and find out!!

Mate i can provide them if you really want them lol dont even.

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You really call me dumb when I suggest that maybe you should put clips with you complaints? What’s wrong with you lmao?

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