Your ranking system is beyond trash... Period

As a gold 3 I win 9 games straight against onyx 3s and diamonds and dont move up any percentage, then lose the 10th game and go down?? Havent moved up any percentage for the 15 plus wins today but drop percentage each and every one of the 3 loses today. Tell me how that makes sense… Explain to me how your ranking system isn’t faultered, Garbage…

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Discuss any ranking issues here:

The ranking system may seem weird but it works as TC wanted it to. If you read the below article you will see how you can rank up easier and how losing percentage isn’t as bad as you may think…

Im not really into eating ■■■■■■■■. Other people might bite on the far fetched line your handing out but anyone with half a brain will oppose your proposition. You explain to me how going positive k/d, top of the team, and winnning games against onyx 3s and diamonds as a gold 3 means my percentage should never go up or should drop… explain to me how winning 15 plus games againt higher ranked opponets means I should never move up a single percent but instead just keep dropping percentage. So youre telling me that im beating them but not as good as their rank?? yeah that makes sense. Explain why my perctenage isnt moving up when I run solo and go 17 and 8, mvp, and win the game against diamonds and onyxs. Tell me that im gold 3 because thats where I should be… do that and I will let you know you’re crazy. It might upset you and hopefully so, then maybe you’ll understand how I feel. So please dont sugar coat it… instead say yeah that doesn’t make much sense… we will look into that and see why its buggin out.

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Thank you.

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