Your opinion from best to worst

What order does the Gears series go in from best to worst? I’m not trying to stir anything up here but I’ve always been curious of how people felt. I Personally can’t give much of an opinion since I didn’t play Online GoW1 and GoWJ. The most popular opinion always seems to be GoW1 overall best but what about from there on?

I Played GoW2 when I was young but most of my hours were spent on 3 so I feel like I’d favorite that too much to give my opinion on the subject.

If I had to get the ball rolling though excluding 1 and J

  1. GoW3
    2, GoW2
    3, GoW4

Gow j isn’t even gears so leaving that off the list
But in order
Im going from my experiences and witch games i had the most fun with
1 Gears of war 1
2 Gears of war 3
3 Gears of war 2
4 Gears of war 4

If were going by witch game is the best on paper it would be gears 4 Tho

3 including RAAM
2 including dlc
Aftermath chapter

Multiplayer, not maps just experiance/fun
4 When it works!

2.0 by a mile

I loved Gears 1. Everything about it was new to me and something i’ve never experienced in games before. I loved Gears 2 campaign but LOATHED the mp. It was absolutely atrocious. So my order is:

Gears 1
Gears 3
Gears 4
Gears 2

Versus (where I had most fun)
GoW 1
GoW 3
GoW 4
GoW 2
PVE (Horde/Beast/Overrun)
Horde from GoW 4
Beast Mode
Horde from GoW 3
Horde from GoW 2

Mechanical level:

  1. GoW4
  2. GoW3
  3. GoWUE
  4. GoW1
  5. GoWJ
  6. GoW2

Enjoyment (personal)

  1. GoWUE
  2. GoW1
  3. GoW3
  4. GoW2
  5. GoW4
  6. GoWJ


  1. GoW2
  2. GoW1
  3. GoWUE
  4. GoW3
  5. GoWJ
  6. GoW4

Never played Judgement so…

Gears 3
Gears 4 (high pings kill MP at times)
Gears 2 (maybe higher post TU7 when two piecing wasn’t then a fundamental skill)
Gears 1 (way too much host advantage and crab walking)

Versus and enjoyment:

  • 4
  • 2 (assuming no more lag)
  • 3
  • 1/UE
  • Judgment


  • 2
  • 3
  • 1/UE
  • 4
  • Judgment

Could maybe switch Gears 1 and 3 in the versus list. Same with campaign for those two, except Gears 3 had arcade mode for campaign and an actual Horde mode, so I put 3 over 1. But in terms of regular campaign atmosphere and experience, 1 > 3.

My humble opinion is that those people involved in making the WORST ONLINE GEARS EXPERIENCE EVER, should be banned from gaming industry business.

Except graphic design and that’s primarily due to new XB1 platform, everything else is on B-rated indie game level attempt. These guys are pretty much clueless ALMOST as if I start today making a space ship from the scratch… I’ve no idea where they get those strong connections in Microsoft but I won’t give them not even a slightest chance to paint my wall in one single color…

GOWJ rules all!!!

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Overall I think judgment gets a bad rap because it changed things up to much, the game itself was actually really solid.

Tough one. The game I have fondest memories of is GOW2 but when I went back to it midway through GOW3’s life cycle, it [GOW2] felt slow and clunky. I had a real blast with GOW2 though and it was my first venture into multiplayer, and I loved Horde, although it hasn’t aged that well. Storywise it was also good as well. It upped the stakes and focused on a tight small cast and I felt invested in characters like Benjamin and Tai, especially when they died.

GOW1 was very good but I only ever played the campaign and it felt like a watershed moment. It was fresh and felt like the 3rd person shooter had finally come across a truly working template.

GOW3 is a weird one. Mechanics wise it was great, it was faster and smoother and played well. Storywise it was quite mediocre. The setting was all wrong for me cos alot of it was set outdoors in day time and it lost thay dark gothic feel from previous games. Also it felt like this was the point in the franchise where there was a big sizeable shift toward the expanded universe (comics, books etc). You had all these new characters appear with little introduction from the game, and in the case of Bernie, someone who hardly appears in the game. The case was too big a cast of characters and fans had to find out about these characters from the expanded universe.

GOW4 plays well in terms of mechanics and Horde is further expanded upon. However the loot box culture and poor campaign have really poured a bucket of sick over a relatively solid game. TC are also very frustrating. The moment they take a step forward with something, they end up taking a step back on another. Kinda feels like multiplayer is leaning increasingly toward the eSports community rather than casual players. The season pass also left very bad taste in my mouth - very poor value.




J: Overrun
Watching paint dry
J: Vs

-had so much fun on 2 though it had major issues with lag. Best vs maps in 2 imo
-didn’t include 1 as I only got into multiplayer after 2

Horde and p vs ai modes:

3 horde
2 horde
4 horde
3: beast
J survival

Campaign wise for me it was 3, 2, 1, 4
I just felt like 4 left a lot to be desired, when your campaign centers around finding a character you have seen on screen for 3 total minutes of cut scenes (if that) then there isn’t much to drive the story, I actually felt more of a desire to find Oscar than Reyna since he was actually part of most of act 1. 1 Set the series tone, 2 expanded on it and made the player feel part of a real war of attrition, and 3 delivered one heck of a conclusion.

Multiplayer for me is 3, 4, 2, 1
Just wish 4 would have had something other than ranked for parties. Can’t get my nooby friends into the game if when I queue with them we play onyx/diamonds… That being said it is mechanically sound. Best part of 2 was the AI. Always perfect accuracy, and playing submission watching chaps and franklin get quad feeds was AMAZING. 1 Was best for the amount of ways you could break it, but not so great from a gameplay perspective (though it did have some solid maps).

Favorite game mode - Capture the leader from 3
By FAR the most fun I’ve ever had in gears. So stressful to play as the leader but even moreso as the grunts defending and attacking. So many nuances in that mode that don’t exist in any other. Guardian is cool and all but all it takes is a sub par leader and you are done for. At least with CTL a bad leader didn’t automatically turn into an L.

In terms of MP:

  1. Gears 4
  2. Gears 3
  3. Gears UE
  4. Gears 1
  5. Gears 2
  6. Gears Judgement


1.Gears 2
2.Gears 1/UE
3.Gears 3
4.Gears 4
5.Gears Judgement

For some reason I really want Gondola back though.

3,2,1,4,j… imho

MP wise

Some reason I wrecked in 3… love that game

If i had to rate them…
Gears 2 9.0/10
Gears 1 8.5/10
Gears 3 8.0/10
Gears 4 3.0/10

Gears 1
Gears 2 = Gears 3
Gears UE
Gears 4
Gears 5
Gow J

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Haven’t played Judgement and I haven’t finished the GOW4 campaign yet but this is my list

  1. GOW3
  2. GOW4
  3. GOW2
  4. GOW1

Gears 3 had a solid campaign and amazing multiplayer. Tons of unlockables through achievements and commendations gave a ■■■■ ton to do (though most commendation requirements were ridiculous). It was the pinnacle of my 360 days along with Halo: Reach.

Gears 4 made a few refinements to the gameplay that I liked more than Gears 3. Made the retro lancer a pickup instead of a starting weapon and got rid of the sawed-off, made it so active reloads are always available on a cooldown instead of having to waste ammo, etc. The lootboxes are annoying but I still find it to be a solid game. Just wish there was more to work towards like in Gears 3.

Gears 2 would’ve been first if it wasn’t for my multiplayer level getting reset 3 ■■■■■■■ times. I found the campaign to be okay. The multiplayer though is ridiculous fun. I like the feel of it more than any other in the series even though I get demolished by people that have been playing it since release. Sucks that it’s hard to find matches nowadays.

Gears 1 is the beginning and so it’s pretty basic. It’s hands down one of, if not the most, influential third-person shooter ever made. It doesn’t have alot of the features that came later so it feels stiff with little maneuverability. Still a solid game, haven’t played the Ultimate Edition yet so I wonder how that holds up.

For me it’s
Gears of War 2
Probably the best campaign in the series.(Gow 3?). My favorite parts were the reaver and brumak section. Road to Ruins is ironically the second best campaign add on in the series. Alright versus; never got to play online, but from what I heard it was terrible. Introduced horde which was fun to play at the time. Introduced playable bots which was great for people who didn’t have any one to play with or have xbox live.

Gears of War 1/UE
Very fun campaign, but could get frustrating at times. Had a very dark and gritty atmosphere. Has the best villain in the series.(Raam). UE brought us the cut out sections that the pc got. Gave us an awesome reward for collecting all 30 cog medals. Only gripes with the campaign was that some of the scenes were altered. Only played one match online so my experience with versus is limited.

Gears of war: Judgement
Interesting campaign to play. Gave us insight into the early days of the locust-human war. Ezra Loomis is a shining example of why the humans were suffering huge casualties to the locust. Declassified missions and variable enemy spawns adds replayability. Favorite section was storming the beach. Aftermath is the best of the three campaign add on in the series. Mp wise weapons seem to be balance. Survival and overrun were great additions to the gears franchise. Better than beast, but not a replacement for horde.

Gears of war 4
Campaign was alright. Character development and story wise it’s similar to Gow 1. Introduced the scariest enemies in the Gow series.(swarm). One of the biggest problem with the campaign was the lack of deebee vs swarm scenes/sections. Lacks replayability. Versus has great mechanics, but suffers from two weapons tuning and poor servers. They focused too much on E-sports at the detriment of the casual Gow base. Horde is fun, but suffers from the class system and of course speed running. The credit system make this game a grinding chore. Season pass was an awful deal.

Gears of War 3
Probably the best campaign in the series.(Gow 2?). Unfortunately this game suffers from the lack of human vs locust vs lambent sections. horde was alright I only wished mutators were unlocked from the beginning. Beast was fun for one session; after I got to experience all the locust classes I really didn’t have a reason to play it again other than finishing it on insane for savage theron. Birth of the skin epidemic. Also started the season pass problem. Raam’s shadow was pretty underwhelming and is the worst of the three campaign add on in the series.