Your opinion doesn't really matter lol

I felt that way in PvP, but not so much in PvE. Especially in Gears 5, I felt like TC listened to players when it came to Horde, maybe a little too much in some areas.

I remember a thread way back in the middle of Op2 where I called for a more diverse enemy pool, a more diverse character meta. When I said that I thought it wouldnt happen because, I didn’t have the confidence that TC was listening to us. I was saying it more out of hope than out of genuine belief of change.

Michael did well in listening to the PvE community, he didnt always get it right, but often than not he did the right thing, which you cant really say when it comes to PvP. I certainly felt as though my opinion was being listened to in PvE.

And in doing that, TC made Horde and Escape more fun in Gears 5. I couldnt see myself playing as much PvE as I did, or Gears 5 at all, if it wasnt for the changes they made. Not all of them were right, but a lot more were right than were wrong.

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It’s not exactly a coincidence those changes happened as a result of him becoming the PvE lead. I highly doubt we would have seen anywhere near the same changes as we did if the leadership over at TC hadn’t changed.


I dont want to sound like I’m poo-poo’ing over Michael Shannon’s work or anything, but the suggestion that he was responsible for creating more diverse class meta/playstyles doesn’t seem to correlate with the timeline. I expect the work started before he was made PVE Lead and he continued it. If I remember correctly his initial role at TC was managing the team responsible for map creation, and he later took up the PVE role a bit later. His contribution to the PVE side of the game has been great though. I’m just not convinced he was directly responsible for all of the things you mentioned.

Paduk/Nomad was one of the earliest examples of a diverse and varied class and that was Operation 4, so around mid July 2020 (?). Cole/Brawler to a lesser extent had some diversity but needed alot of balancing (tackler and rifles) and that was Op 3 (end of March 2020). These classes would have been created prior and worked on prior to this point.

Actually scrap that, I just had a look at his Linkedin and he was the PVE Lead from January 2020 which is earlier than I thought. I thought he took this role around summer of that year. I guess he just kept a low profile until he statyed appearing in the Developer’s Stream later that year. Prior to this he was the lead Map Designer for several years.

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So youre telling me that he was responsible for the fan favorite reclaimed windflare and lift apex?

Making changes based on a few ESP players is not possible. For example this ■■■■■■■ switch to 4v4.
It then took a while until they listened to the population again and switched to 5vs5

He came into this role in June 2017 so the GOW4 Season Pass maps were well underway already. The last of the maps will have been released by autumn/fall that year.

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I am not a big fan of Horde but I like it I guess. Coming back after a few months while doing other things feels nice. I hate the changes they did to the Demolition class. How they took away 3 explosives. I understand why they did it but still.

At least they gave him a hell of a lot more power in exchange for less ammo