Your opinion doesn't really matter lol

Remember how most of the versus changes were introduced due to the opinion of pro players only? Not only that, a select number of pros and not the entirety of the roster? Just a guess but I imagine the ENG community for Gears is pretty much too insignificant to matter.

Game has been vastly dominated by Spanish speakers yet feels like they don’t get much acknowledgement. Feels like the only people TC listened to was positive content creators, pros and themselves. PvE only did so well later on because someone climbed through the trenches to find the heart of the PvE community and that guy is gone.

Forums has always been an echo chamber, twitter MIGHT get you some attention but for the most part the people who actually play their game like the minority of english players and the large sum of spanish ones seem to get mostly ignored lol.

I could be wrong though, this is just my assumption on the matter. If anyone here has better insight on that let me know. Just from my perspective the important players go unheard and are asked to translate their statements to english.

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For PvE, the only people that were listened to were the crybabies that complained the game was too hard and it resulted in TC taking the fun stuff away.


Pretty sure that some changes wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t ■■■■■■■ about stuff like the hero system, or people asking for Locust(which I don’t strictly have an issue with as an enemy except that regular Drones, Bolters and Cyclops are sometimes hard to keep apart when not in plain view, and their wonky AI).

And they certainly added more fun things than take away.

Can’t say this premise is entirely wrong, though. I absolutely definitely never saw anybody asking for the hero nonsense to be added in 5.


what fun stuff did they take away?

They listened to the PVE fans on a number of other matters too. From memory I recall the following changes made from launch (not an exhaustive list, but the most significant ones from my age and alcohol adled memory…):

  • Escape Ironman mutator (or is it technically called Survivor? I can’t remember) changed so that it takes you back to the beginning of whichever act you were on, so no more being thrown back to the lobby.

  • Some hives made easier. The Gauntlet is one of the most obvious changes, but The Mist was broken much later (although it was fixed, but then re-broken shortly after).

  • The Surge was changed and had a couple of tiles removed to prevent speedruns on master difficulty. Extra Scions were placed on the helipad.

  • Some hives were broken (re: enemy spawns) but then most were fixed (Gatekeepers, The Link, Forever et al).

  • The Clock act 1 was made even easier with the Buzzsaw Scion being moved off the bridge section just before the saferoom.

  • Characters decoupled from the actual PVE class.

  • Many PVE classes were changed and rebalanced. Too many to mention, but I think it’s safe to say it’s much more balanced and gave all classes much more parity and balance so teams weren’t as reliant on the same handfull of over-powered classes.

  • Promo classes were buffed significantly.

  • Locust enemies were added to all modes.

  • Lots of extra Horde variants added to the list for private lobbies (Nexus Siege, Boss Rush etc).


This is a common issue in the gaming industry these days. Every company wants their game to be the next big competitive shooter. Instead of making a fun/well made product and letting the competitive scene grow and thrive naturally.

Side rant: how can “pro players” be considered “pros” if they can only win if the devs cater to the playstyle and tuning they want? Thats like saying "Yeah im the best at (insert sport or game) but only when everything is in my favor and preference.

While I feel like the forums should be opened up to spanish speakers (or maybe create a section of the forum for the Spanish speaking fanbase) I feel like they get a decent amount of acknowledgment. Now I’m not saying that all spanish speaking fans are from Mexico but if you look at the banners in gears 5, there are five mexico banners whereas there’s only one for the US, Canada and Brazil. As well as the mexico omen loadout set.

To a certain extent I agree with you but as far as my experience on different forums goes, the gears forums have been more open to other points of view than other game forums I’ve been on.

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Basically all the cool boss combos that could happen in frenzy. You were able to get a Wakaatu, Swarmak and Wardens with bastions on wave 8 and 12. After they took that out they changed wave 8 and 12 to having 3 bosses. On both occasions, the general playerbase complained the game was too hard and now we’re back to having snooze-fest boss waves.

I am very much so in the minority with this one but they took out Ironman from Escape. I absolutely hated this decision.

I despise both of these decisions though. I loved ironman, it promoted learning the hive and having the perfect run. Them making Gauntlet easy is such a joke to me, such a slap in the face. Yes, it was the hardest hive in the game but it still wasnt unfair with its difficulty.

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The only annoying thing about it was the stupid Bastion AI. How are you supposed to shoot something that literally isn’t giving you a target(forever hiding behind a pillar anyone), and has absolutely woeful explosive hit detection(eg Dropshot explodes right under it, clearly within the explosive radius, but no damage is done)?

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My friend Willy and I would run the OG hivebusters back then when we would help people out with it. We would have keegan try to stick one with the torque bow and have Mac finish it off. Once one Bastion is down and one scion gone it becomes trivial. Also. Scion RNG was a big factor for this. Mulcher and Ice Scions in the first room were always the toughest for us.

I swear the giant bird happens every boss round, and its deafening.


With Ironman, I always thought it was only partly the right decision made. I always despised the fact you were thrown back to the lobby when you failed. As a rule (and this is for all games), the amount of time it takes for you to get back into the action after failing, needs to be at a minimal. It’s just tedious if you have to endure things like long loading screens or if the save points/checkpoints are in awkward positions, sitting through long cutscenes etc.

I’d have been happy if failing in act 2, throws you back to the beginning in act 1, but going back to the lobby was just unnecessary.


This also begs the question why it takes absolute ages to load into a MENU. What is TC making the game load, 50,000 different useless things that actually do nothing?

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It’s disheartening to realise that facts like this are the norm. This is common knowledge. Our complete mistreatment and disregard as loyal fans of the Franchise is the norm. Wonderful.


That’s what bugged me so much about old ironman before I started playing on PC. On PC it takes at least 30 seconds from the snatcher cutscene to when you can spawn in. On at least X1X it takes at least 90 seconds. You can argue that it makes the game more difficult, but all it did was just make the user experience worse than it should be. At the bare minimum it should’ve just sent you back to the beginning of he level instead of the lobby.

The reason why it takes so long is because X1 consoles are just so incredibly weak. Keep in mind that Escape hives are significantly larger than the PVP/Horde maps and as a result, it takes a while to load up all of these tiles and all these textures when you compare it to PC.I’m not sure how the load times are on XSX/XSS but I’m sure they’re faster than X1/X1X.

They have an SSD so naturally, it is much faster by virtue of that alone(though I also don’t know the other specifications and/or how much they contribute to the loading times).

I just have an issue with the fact that I have to wait like 30 seconds to a minute to load back into the main menu or a lobby. How on earth can it ever take that long to load into something that involves literally zero active gameplay components?

Otherwise I don’t have to wait too long to get loaded into a match with the One X, though obviously it doesn’t keep up with the master race or current gen consoles. But since I have played with people on a One S or base XB1, well, those often take awfully long to get in, comparatively speaking.

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I’ve used all four consoles.

One X is marginally faster than One S. By like just a few seconds. Nothing crazy.

Series S and Series X are practically identical with regard to loading times and much faster than either of the first two. I would hate going back.

Well, I’d made the skip from original One to One X so I wasn’t really aware of the difference between the One S and One X(and only ever played 5 on the X to begin with). Has anyone actually done time measurements for each console on something like YouTube, by any chance?

I’ve actually used the original One as well but never played Gears 5 on it. I would be surprised if there was any difference at all between it and One S.

Not sure about the YT thing, but I’d be happy to run some comparisons of my own between Series S, Series X, and One S when I get home later this week.