Your loyalty to this series (What's really left of the COG)

I think most people on this site can say they have a love hate relationship with this series to the point where they still play but have their gripes with it aswell. Do you feel like there is a breaking point for you with this series or are you so faithful to it that you’ll follow it through thick and thin?

There is nothing wrong with admitting to enjoying something that is bad from a statistic standpoint. “I’m aware Gears of War isn’t great but I enjoy it” is something I often have to say. Something a little extra I’d like to ask from you guys is to give me a little brief summary/experience about previous titles. I’ll start

= Anything after this isn’t really important to read =

Gears of War 1 - Never got to play this game on release, was only 9 at the time. Only multiplayer experience I have with it was from Gears of War UE and I just remember not liking the stiffness of the game. No doubt have less than 24hrs on this game.

Gears of War 2 - My first GoW title, really enjoyed the campaign, played the multiplayer quite a bit too but was never good at it. It was definitely the game that got me hooked into this series. I played this game for about 2yrs non consecutively.

Gears of War 3 - The Greatest Gears of All Time…if you’re a sheep! Jokes. Gears 3 was probably my favorite and the game I’ve spent the most hours on. It’s horde was great, campaign was enjoyable, cool enemies, and wonderful maps. The PvP balance for Gears 3 wasn’t golden by any means but it wasn’t entirely flawed as some other titles. I played this game for roughly 3yrs.

Gears of War Judgement - Didn’t get to play this game on release. From my perspective though Judgement is the prime example of why this series cannot accept change. Outside of that I heard it had a good story. also…I DID NOT KNOW PADUK WAS IN THIS GAME!

Gears of War 4 - My second most played Gears game. I enjoyed the PvP outside of its weird tuning changes and like how they handled PvE. Campaign wasn’t terrible but its definitely below the other titles.

Gears 5 - Awful campaign, slightly middle ground pvp and pretty damn good PvE.If it weren’t for the PvE aspect of Gears 5 I can’t say I’d be as faithful as I have been this long. TC has recently has been handling things very oddly and hope that they can get better for the future of this franchise.

thanks for coming to my TED talk


When TC took away offline lan gears 5 my loyalty to it ended right then and there,i will never spend another penny on any gears game.GOOD RIDDANCE to this RUBBISH!


Gears is all I know and the only game I’m good at. This franchise could go straight into the sh*tter and id still be here. Im the kind of person to try and enjoy my time as much as I can instead of complaining and being miserable 24/7 like most people in the Twitter replies/reddit. Although, criticism is warranted but not the way some people voice their criticisms. You can say you don’t like something without saying you want everyone at TC fired and having many people lose their jobs.

Im an extremely loyal kind of person, atleast I’d like to think I am.


I’m done with Gears 5. My primary interests were PVP and campaign and I believe both aspects are a disaster.

In the last two weeks I picked up playing PVP again after a 5 month break. Every session ends with me saying, “I hate this game”. Of the main games (GOW 1-5), the latest iteration is by far and away the least enjoyable for me.

I’m done. As you alluded to, the breaking point has been reached. I think TC has made a mockery of the game with the direction they went with the campaign.

Last, and most concerning, is the way that TC handles their product and community. Constant waffling and indecision surrounding gameplay. Silencing community members. Failing to put forth knowledgeable or passionate faces for fans to relate and engage with (excluding M. Shannon). Every update having numerous, at times game breaking, errors. It’s one of those things where the totality of ineptitude that the org has put forth has literally made me despise them. This was my favorite game to play and I will not be playing it, in all likelihood, anymore.

None of my friends play anymore and that’s what made gears a great game for me. They failed to evolve the series into a product that competes with other games. @Goodacre had a great point about making the pvp a stand alone product. Game would probably greatly benefit from that. Since every time a new gears game comes out it’s just back to square one. A watered down version of the original with a bunch of half-baked ideas worked in that don’t hit the mark.

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Gears 5:
Campaign 1: Hate it… Never played it…
Campaign 2: Love it… It was short…
PvP: Nowadays I do the Events… Some of them good, some of them bad…
Horde: Nowadays it is great… Maximum difficulty that I do is still Insane…
Escape: Boring… I hate Brawlers…

Well i didn’t like the campaign of 5, it was just boring for me and that’s something that never happened to me with any other Gears of War campaings.

Everything aside I’ve never really had anything that has made me call it quits with this series.

Gears of War- I was like 4 or 5 when I first played it, I didnt play multi mainly because we didn’t have an xbox live account set up at the time so I just played campaign. I couldn’t finish the end of Act I for a long time due to the berserker lol, everytime she charged me I paused and quit the game :pensive:

Gears of War 2- this game is where gears really picked up for me, still no live but I played local play KOTH all the time and had a blast, hence why I love river so much, it was the map I picked to play on most of the time. The campaign? Still my favorite, the Chairman Prescott speech still gives me chills to this day, Ben Carmine becoming my favorite character at the time, mainly because of his helmet :sweat_smile: but his personality seems in line with me as well lol. But the campaign was a blast and I have great memories of fighting Skorge with my buddy on split screen.

Gears of War 3- Dom… :pensive:. Dom dying ruined my day and I remember how upset I was with his sacrifice. I drew stupid amounts of pictures of Clayton Carmine because at the time he became my favorite. Compared to gears 2 it doesnt have that same impact that 2 did but I have some good memories with it. I lost 3 not too long after I got it for Christmas so I cant recall any memories tied to Horde, Beast mode or local play.

Gears of War Judgement- my first multi gears game. I was able to play it because it became free with games with gold on the 360. I had dropped gears after I lost gears 3 and went to cod. I decided to give Judgement a shot and I liked it for the most part. I think my first versus game was on Streets. I like the campaign alot, still to this day and it holds some good nostalgia for me, especially the main menu, for a game that I didnt play for that long, I always seem to reminisce about the times that I did play it. I also loved that Judgements collectables included how the gears died, I think this little addition isn’t talked about too much but I wish TC would do that with COG Tags going forward.

Gears of War Ultimate Edition- UE truly brought me back into gears after leaving it for cod and other games. (I did play Judgement yes but only for like a month or 2 lol, I went back to cod right after). The campaign especially, I fanboyed over every scene and even tried to memorize the lines, something I still do now lol. Seeing characters like Baird and Kim once again in “a new light” made me change my mind about them, I used to hate them but now I love them. As for the multi? It still remains my favorite multi of all time, I learned the fundamentals from UE, I did know how to play but how to use the gnasher properly? How to use power weapons? Wall bouncing? That came from me playing UE, and I’m glad that i learned it from there.

Gears of War 4- the E3 gameplay, the trailers, I watched them all and I was hyped for a new gears series to be out, I had preordered 4 from best buy and got the steel book. I remember turning on my xbox and going straight to campaign. Seeing Dom again made me so happy, Kim, Hoffman, etc even if it was just the prologue. As for the new cast? Well I had favored Kait the most, i wasnt too found of the armor they had on as it looked to minimalistic, I prefer the more traditional “beer keg” type of armor that Delta wore, but overall I liked their looks and I liked the campaign for 4, I think considering TC having to start up the Swarm war at its beginning is a bit of a challenge whereas Epic had more wiggle room, but regardless 4s campaign in my eyes wasnt bad, definitely some improvements but it felt like gears to me. Multi? Really fun, ranked was a blast, it sucked though that I had to grind horde just to buy some cases for characters but whatever I really liked 4s horde anyways.

Gears 5- I have a hate/love relationship with 5, I assumed TC would build upon 4s greatest features and worst but I was disappointed with what we received at launch. I still played however but I found myself (regardless of gamemode) becoming irritated with 5. I didnt take breaks with 4 but I have a 2 hour pvp limit with 5 :joy:. I really like the campaign, I think Act II was fun, very nostalgic and emotional at moments, Act III? Yikes lol. I have my gripes with 5 like with TC killing Lizzie, E. Carmine and Elizabeth Carmine, not cool TC, like at all :roll_eyes: and the choice… terrible option, just terrible… like some buildup to a character that we barely just recently began to like (Del). However gears 5 has the best collectables and best campaign EE out of all the gears games so it has that going for it. Fahz is great as well, I love him, I hope they dont decide to off him in 6. Pve is fantastic in 5, I already wrote alot so I wont talk too much about Pve but it’s the best it’s ever been in a gears game. Pvp… well I typically play pve nowadays unless I catch my friends on and we stack and go into some comp.

TC flaws and all brought me back to gears and gave gears a second wind, i still appreciate all the hard working TC employees who do their best to give us what we as fans want. I cherish my TC gears memories as close as I do my epic games gears memories.

But TC… what’s up with Hivebuster Anya? Or CS Dom?
And why do you continue to not bring back the blocked weapon skin set!!! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Isnt there a saying for this?


Gears of war is my all time favorite game. Has been and always will be. While i’m no veteran who’s been playing since 06 i can firmly say it’s my favorite series of all time.

I started out with Gears of war 3 in maybe 2013 or 14 which is also my favorite Gears. Everything that game has to offer is much more simple and fun. I definitely get a much higher level of excitement playing multiplayer in Gears 3 than 5. And the offline support to be able to progress (albeit extremely slowly) through levels and medals was helpful. And could you imagine? You could even play horde offline! :smiley:

Gears 4 was a solid game in my opinion. While not being the best imo, it’s the Gears game i spent the most time playing ironically. Campaign was alright. And multiplayer was pretty fun too. But with the ability to customize characters and weapon skins while offline having been removed really had me worrying for future games,

Gears of war UE: i spent a surprising amount of time playing UE (No idea how i managed to put up with Gears 1’s clunky mechanics,) But I had my moments though. I’m definitely not as good as I was in UE

Gears of war Judgement: I feel like too many people hated this game just like COD ghost. I really enjoyed this game. The ability to customize your character skin was a really cool idea. I had a lot of fun playing this game offline and still do(a lot of my time on the legacy games was spent offline because i didn’t have a wifi adapter for 360 and didn’t even know what xbox live was)

Gears of war 2: Campaign was a huge step-up from 1. Had my fun playing offline KOTH and blowing up my teammates and enemies on River because I always enabled friendly fire. Horde was definitely more terrifying in 2. I was never around during it’s prime for online versus and can hardly find a match nowadays so can’t really say too much bout that. I also miss not being able to ragdoll when a smoke was chucked your way (but its definitely for the best). I used come up with some creative glitches to get out of the map when i would ragdoll.

Gears 5: there’s a lot of things to talk about but i don’t feel like it so i’ll try and narrow it down. I enjoyed its campaign more than 4’s even though it only had 4 Acts (which is lame) 5 Still has the same problems 4 had: Can’t customize anything in offline, Can’t play horde or escape offline and no offline progression (as far as i know). Gears 5 plays almost the same way COD Cold War plays for me. I get pretty bored after playing for a little while. Only difference is I can actually put up with Gears 5 for more than 10 minutes. I only really play Gears 5 for daily challenges so i can finish the Tour of Duty. But other than that Gears 5 is much more improved than how it started, that’s for sure. OH ALSO I don’t find the lancer in 5 as useful as those in any of the other Gears games. So in summary: the reason this game doesn’t have the “of War” is because it hasn’t earned it. But i still like it nonetheless.

Can’t believe i typed this much. :thinking:

I might have yours beat, to be fair.

What would it take for me to question my “loyalty” to Gears is for it to pull what I like to call a “Halo 5” with the story, which I so far haven’t found to be the case. Not going to go into detail unless asked for this part. Partly because I could go on a whole other rant about the Halo 5 Campaign that absolutely did not live up to how it was made out to be in the marketing. Aka marketing got a 10/10, the story when it actually came out barely got a 5, and that’s if you’re REALLY stretching it. I’d almost go as low as a 2. It’s just not very good.


Gears 1, I didn’t even have an Xbox yet, so I never played it and felt no need to go do it either. Why should become obvious later on.

Gears 2, played Campaign, never touched the MP beyond the first 10 waves of Horde where I always failed to beat the Bloodmounts. I was still rather young and kinda wasn’t very good at games then so there’s why. My mother also really didn’t want me to be playing with the gore settings on… well, she tried, anyway. It didn’t exactly change how I turned out though, so I never understood those concerns.

Gears 3, partly due to playing quite a few other games at the time, including, but not limited to, Halo, I also only played the story, and also still wasn’t much of an MP player back then. I tried so hard to beat it on Hardcore but I always failed at Myrrah when the Tempest climbed on the tower for the second or third time, so I eventually gave up after many fruitless attempts. Eventually I came back to it with backwards compatibility and beat it… well, I still ran into the same issue but the one thing that allowed me to beat it was the most inconspicuous thing… the Gorgon, a weapon which I would practically never use in any Gears but somehow it proved to be the best thing to dislodge the Tempest from that tower, more than my trusted Lancer. Not gone to do it on Insane.

Gears J, I wasn’t around for during its main lifetime due to not even being aware it was a thing as I got a bit distracted by playing PC games(for the most part), but I went and played its story like, last year I think. Certainly wasn’t bad but they could’ve built on some things more(like Sofia, for example - and I definitely mean character/story wise here, so that no one gets me wrong). Not much else to say here but I’m of the opinion that the “declassified” segments were a bit meh and should’ve been integrated into the gameplay better, if not be how it’s played to begin with.

I played Gears UE some time after Gears 4s launch, campaign only, and the main reason why I did not bother to play original Gears 1.

Then comes Gears 4, and while I also liked its story(probably played it more than most others in that game, barring achievement hunters possibly), I also started getting into the MP of games more around that time, albeit not really so much PvP as PvE so I stuck with Horde for most of that game, with the occasional break here and there, only really going into PvP because I was looking to obtain the Seriously and sometimes TC decided to let us play matches to get skins instead of having to watch their awful eSports streams… though I only bothered for the blue and Emerald Phantom skins, and they looked a hundred times better in 4 than they did in 5. But anyway, I had quite a bit of fun playing 4s Horde(NOT one of the speedrunners, I got bored of that quickly), and it certainly had its charms even with less variety than the Gears 5 PvE. And it has 25 wave Frenzy which is for me the perfect medium between the super short 12 waves and the excessively long 50 waves where I get bored halfway through.

Now about 5, I still liked the story minus that one thing at the end of act 1 I shouldn’t have to detail, but wasn’t impressed with the PvE, especially Horde, for the first 2-3 Operations, due to awful balancing, slow release of characters that were also completely class locked and I really am not the guy to want to play as a character other than those I have interest in using, so that kinda rubbed me up the wrong way quite a lot. Didn’t really play Horde a whole lot due to the absence of a non-50 wave mode until Op 3 and still didn’t play Frenzy as much because it was matchmaking only. Of course things started to be better in Op 4 balance wise but I was getting real tired of the class locks and certain other things, on top of the Escape maps only cycling to a new one every three weeks.

Op 5 gave me something to do that made me at least try all the classes after the removal of the class lock by getting them to 20(I only used Surge or Clock runs to get those I didn’t intend to keep using to level 16, then I played most of them ‘normally’ to level 20). But it didn’t do much to alleviate the boredom that had set in, especially with no new Escape hives coming out. So I eventually stopped playing for a bit with Op 6 and started with Op 7 again… well, not as much as I’d hoped. But certainly more than Op 6 so far. But with the atrocious balance of enemies that still persists even if attempts have been made to alleviate it, especially damage wise, it hasn’t really made me want to play more.

And I want my 25 waves back, 12 is too short unless I’m looking to get a quick match in. But that’s not happening for Gears 5 at this point. Also, Gears 5s Phantom skins absolutely suck and they were much better in 4.

You have a very different definition on what short is considering Gears 2 campaign was much longer than Gears 1 (while Gears 3 campaign being the longest of the trilogy)

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Maybe I beat you too.

First, I knew and played Gears for the story, so this is a very important thing for me. I played MP for the achievements, but after I played a lot and got better pvp player, I like it (not at the level of being only a pvp player, but to enjoy it (only until Gears 3)).

When I knew Gears, Gears 2 was the last game, so I played Gears 1 campaign, after that Gears 2 campaign and 1 week of MP (Most of the time was playing horde). After that I decided to go back to Gears 1 and finish MP achievements.

Gears 1: My first real 3rd person shooter MP (I played Goldeneye and Jet Force Gemini, my only shooters). Campaign was great, fighting against enemies that can appear everywhere from below, E-holes were a good idea. Enemies were interesting and Anthony was my character for MP. Some parts of the campaign were too dark and I couldn’t see anything (still have this problem).

PvP was me vs the loyal players that played Gears 1. I spend many months trying to finish the achievements playing against better players than me. So (later than sooner) I started to get better in the game. Gnasher duels and going for Torque/Longshot was a fight in this own (against my team and enemy team, after that running away and try to find a good spot to try to kill someone) War Machine, Fuel Depot and Mansion were the maps that I played most).

Gears 2: My favorite Gears. You know about Myrrah, you have Ben (he was newbie and did more things than Anthony, so I feel that Ben was like me: Newbie in terms of PvP), many great maps, DLC campaign, and many DLC maps.

Campaign was a blast, knowing about the Sires, about Adam Fenix and how everything was going worse (and the trailer, one of the best).

Horde… I loved horde, I played a LOT, I played alone and with randoms most of the time. PvP was fun too (How much time I lost waiting for Submission matches… :roll_eyes:)

KotH and Guardian were the most played mode

Gears 3: Campaign was really good, especially Anvil Gate. Myrrah in battle armor and the Tempest. Lambent enemies were interesting, knowing Griffin and participating in Save Carmine campaign.

First Gears to put female characters on versus, so I had to stop using Ben (Sorry Ben) and use Sam. Many players used Anya, but I’m not blonde so Sam was my choice.

MP was fun, even TDM (I trembled when I was Last Man Out), but Horde was my main again. Trenches, Checkout, Overpass and many others good maps (I don’t remember bad maps on this Gears).

Beast mode was interesting, but if horde can be a bad experience playing with randoms, Beast was worse.

DLC Campaign, even when you know that some characters cannot die was a blast too.

Gears Judgment: I like it, not at the same level of the other Gears. What I missed was horde. Not much to say, except that I liked that map were you can be on the rooftops and going to the streets without using the stairs.

Gears UE: Improved graphics, the same good experience again.

MP: This was the first time that I had problems finding matches. I didn’t find any matches for a month.

Gears 4: What I hate (and still hate it) was windflares. I though that Marcus had died, and when he breaths again was a relief. Knowing that juvies come from humans was weird, but OK. Fighting against robots… Well, for a time was OK too.

Kait with the medallion at the end was WTF and many theories came and gone.

MP: When I knew about max re-up, I tried to reach that but I just got bored at Re-up 11 IIRC, Dodgeball was a nice addition, but more players were toxic and I got a lot of bad messages when I was Last Man Out and lose. After ping update I didn’t find matches, never. Not even in Quickplay. I wrote here in the forums, I submitted tickets and never got an answer. That killed my motivation to keep playing for fun (I played only for challenges/skins and achievements).

Horde: I understand that many players like classes (I like it too, to some point), but I lose my best partner to play horde. He played casual (what I mean is that he just needed to pick up a longshot, gnasher and just play), but no start to level up cards, choose cards needed for that (I don’t remember that Sniper class had some buffs for using Gnasher) and most important, I feel that you need Engi ln Gears 4 to finish horde on highest difficulty. I didn’t like engi, I played as soldier. So I just went on my own, with more randoms and Engies that built too much sentries or didn’t know what to build.

Achievements: This was the first Gears that I found achievements more as a chore than something to unlock while playing for fun. How many times I had to play campaign… And that glitched Inmortal Snatcher while you were on Ironman… :roll_eyes:

Seriously were always grinding, but at the end I was playing for fun while trying to unlocked it (Gears 1 is a mix because that I was newbie but when I did something amazing was really good)

Not my best experience for Versus overall.

Gears 5: Campaign was… Interesting? Going to New hope again was good, I am not a fan of the open world but I don’t find it a fail or worse idea ever. Choosing who lives the first time filled me with anxiety.

The best thing in campaign is Lizzie. Finally a female playable Carmine, and her arms remind me of my arms, so I had to say goodbye to Sam and I use Lizzie on everything (Believe me if Jack have a skin of Lizzie’s helmet, I will use it). Or a flying Lizzie’s helmet.

MP: Now I found more toxic players than ever (At least at the start, now I didn’t play too much PvP, only for event/skins/medals). Horde was good, more classes means more ways to play (I play mostly Jack or Combat Medic).

Escape: The best thing if you have a team, but I feel accomplished if I was able to finish a hive on masters with randoms (with bad randoms. I played with many good players who at the end carry me and the other player).

Campaign DLC was really good. I like to know how Hoffman started the idea and how to get implemented.

Even if I don’t have the problem of not finding ranked (competitive) matches, I still feel sad for the other players who can’t find matches. The same problem since Gears UE, and still no answers from TC.

Achievements: More grinding achievements. Still waiting for news if the new achievements for op 8 will be retroactive or not. Even when I want to play horde to finish some maps from 1 to 50, I’m trying to delay it playing Gears 2 JP and UE on Win 10.

Not the best Gears, but not the worst.

I still like the franchise, but I hope that when Gears 6 is released, it will be the end of this new trilogy and please leave Gears rest for many years. Maybe Tactics 2 or similar.

I would say I am pretty loyal to the franchise having played all games excluding the spin-offs. Having said that though to get me to load up Gears 6 TC will have to make a lot of improvements and actually learn from their mistakes.

The brightest spark from 5 was the PvE and even then I wish TC had done somethings different.
The campaign was great on the first playthrough but subsequent PTs just make the “Open” world a chore as you go straight from A to B.
Some days I wish TC would just scrap the PvP and others I enjoy a multiplayer experience which no game has been able to replicate. For Gears 6 I really hope they go with making MP a fun experience over trying to make Gears an E-Sport game.

I have been loyal to the series but I’ve had enough. I played since gears 1, which was amazing at the time. Gears 2 was an improvement and again amazing as was gears 3. Gears 4 was playable I did enjoy it but played it a little less. Judgement is by far the worst of the series l, ridiculously bad. Ultimate edition revived the series and I really enjoyed it. Now gears 5 has had its enjoyable moments but the changes have gone too far the PVP which is all I play to be honest is so badly balanced. Gears was the hardest pick up and play game and one of the biggest skill gap games which is why I enjoyed it. It’s now very easy for new players and the difference between the better players is minimal. Keyboard and mouse has ruined what was good about the game. Gears 6 let’s be honest won’t be until at least 2023 and in all likelihood after that so there’s no point hanging on for that. They’ll be no more operations after 8 which is this year and the last operation killed what was left of the game so it’s goodbye from me. Hopefully I’ll see you guys in a few years for gears 6 but the direction TC have taken the game don’t hold your breathe. Let’s hope epic get it back by then

I will always play new main series Gears games (no interest in Tactics, Pop etc).

But I will no longer ever spend a single penny on the series. Aside from the books which are a gentle train read (even though their quality is shocking compared to Karen Traviss’ efforts).

1-J, loved them. 3 likely my least favourite, 1 my number 1, J my number 2 (campaign was awesome, Overrun was sublime).

Then we got 4. Not a bad game by any stretch, and overall a decent effort. Especially as taking over another companies IP, even with some of the same staff, is immensely tough.

But we, as customers, also got treated like garbage, taken for granted. Sure, a lot of that is likely not all (or at all) on TC, and the strength of the game, or not, is always more important.

But, for me, it just hit a tipping point.


Not just that lootboxes were insidious greed. But the way they were handled was even more insidious. I could not care less about playing barbie sim in a video game (although I do appreciate that skins are great ■■■■■■■■ indicators…), but even so, I can shake my head at the way they were pumped out in 4. UIR, 4,400cr anyone?

Much worse for me…horde skills tied to lootboxes. That was disgusting.

What was even worse…when all the skills were updated to level 6, 10 further purple skills were added. to the existing 7. We went from needing 140 purples (7x20) to max the skills, to 680 purples (17*40). And of course we got the cash only Horde Expert pack that would guarantee at least 1 purple. Sure, you don’t need to buy packs with real money (I maxed all skills through cr packs / speedruns), but I can’t see it as anything other that pure greed and a ■■■■ way to treat customers.

Let’s not forget the SP. Selling paying customers slightly tweaked versions of launch maps as part of the SP extras…low. Below the bottom of the barrel low.

So we come to 5. I’ve played a fair bit, had some fun, had fun knowing I have not and will never spend a penny on it.

I won’t rant on about 5 at length, the whole forum is full of criticism, much of it deserved, but I will say I am still seeing the same level of disregard for the customer…boost…dresses…dropping modes…

tl/dr - will always play main series Gears, but will never be a paying customer again, unless the abysmal customer treatment is knocked on its head.

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Woah. You’re not much older than me lol😂. Never realized that

I will always be playing Gears as long as there is a Gears to play!!!

Long Live Gears!!!


To keep it short:

Gears 1 - Set the tone of the franchise (at the time), the horror aspect complimented the game well

Gears 2 - My favorite campaign, although multiplayer was no up to par yet. This is the only game I played horde. I remember my brother & I would go upstairs on Day One and lancer. (Now everyone can shoot through walls and have super powers…)

Gears 3 - Good campaign, good pvp at the time. Beast mode was fun

Gears J - Good campaign, appreciate that they tried something different but pass on that. FFA was fun though

Gears UE - Fun to relieve GOW 1 in an updated manner. Had lots of fun playing KOTH and remember playing on War Machine a lot

Gears 4 - Ok campaign, in my opinion the best pvp we’ve had. BS characters were great, 90% of the maps were great. Met some friends online that turned out to live just a few blocks away from me. Got D5 in KOTH, Esc, & Exe which was very rewarding. (Never liked TDM, too campy & slow)

Gears 5 - Boring campaign. Don’t understand how the face of the franchise was changed in the middle of a trilogy. “This isn’t about you, it’s about me!” …ok, screw the risk of humanity being extinct I guess. Just don’t like how it only focused on Kait, almost as if it was one big side mission. PVP is fine for me, never touched horde and escape so I’m lost every time there’s a thread/ convo on it

This game imo has the biggest whiners, I do give TC props though for sticking through everything because it’s a double-edged sword no matter what they do.

This is the only franchise I actively have played since childhood. As @RelaxingKoty mentioned, I will buy whatever Gears related they come out with.


I can’t be bothered making a big post with reasons for each game so I’ll keep it very simple as to why I stay loyal to this game series:

For the Queen!


This series is just a nostalgia fueled PvE time sink for me these days, anything concerning plot/lore/etc I stopped caring after the original trilogy of games.

As long as there’s Horde and any derivatives in PvE game modes I’ll still stick around with the games, cuz who doesn’t like going on a murderous rampage against monsters who know how to shoot rifles with chainsaws on them.