Your least satisfying PvE enemy?

Lambent + Aggressive Enemies mutator is so dumb. They are aggressive towards each other for hours but not towards us players. Makes horde runs take so long for no reason.

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Ice Scions that freeze me while they are stunned.

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Literally any of the DB’s. Fighting robots wasn’t fun when 343 tried it with Halo and it wasn’t fun when TC tried it.

No idea anymore, people have done runs without me knowing so I couldn’t cross them off the list :sweat_smile:

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I had forgotten about this ordeal. Thanks for ruining my day.

My pleasure. Sharing is caring, right?

Pipe Locust + Bastions.

Enough said.

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Everybody seems to be picking “most hated” but since the phrase used was “least satisfying”, I’m going in a different direction: Matriarch.

It’s a boss so it should be satisfying to fight and defeat. But either its AI is in boring “just chillin’ back here” mode or aggroed “making multiple 90 degree turns around cover at full speed” chase mode.

Then you have to wait for it to fixate on someone else or finish its air swipes so you even have a sight line on its damage spot. Then they changed it so artificially it’s death blow can’t be bleed, so you have to sit through its final jump randomly onto buildings or trees or air so you can finally stop it from arbitrarily destroying more barriers & taps.

It also doesn’t take a whole lot more damage through fire even though that was the original Beserker’s gimmick.

I’ll give it props that it’s not the atrocious & buggy Lambent Zerker, but it’s not my definition of satisfying to defeat.

In terms of the established theme of “most low-key annoying to me”, I’m repeating others but:

  • Leeches with their ultra-fast unreactable mantle kick and their insistence on sapping taps & the Fabricator regardless of what else is going on (including being Fear-ed).
    (Honorable mention for Rejects because of their own 10-km-radius mantle kick from hell and accompanying AI pathing that always goes for such covers instead of an available straighter line.)
  • Ice Scions or Palace Guards with Cryo Cannons that have “Day After Tommorrow” instafreeze from distances far exceeding what even an optimized Gunner dreams it could do with the weapon.
  • Buzzkill Scions and Locust Hybrids with perma-Ultra Stopping Power.

Goes hand in hand for me.

I do agree on the Matriarch though. I found it to be a decent one time encounter for the Campaign, but highly lacking when it comes to fighting it in Horde.

Probably teammates who go down with 1-2 enemies left.

The matriach has the awesome possible corpse launch death though. Get that final tap while its in the air and zoom!

Then there’s macks great line when you mark it.

The matriach is also the most tricky to kill of any of the bosses, which to me makes it the most satisfying to defeat. I would agree with you however it might not be the most satisfying to fight.

F the wack-a-to.

Thing always got stuck under the map leaving the game in an impossible-to-complete state.

…being unable to finish is pretty dissatisfying.

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Not to mention it would cause the game to crash on older Xbox models.

I greatly dislike incendiary poppers while they may only appear on horde roulette the fire they leave afterwards will melt both you and your fortifications in about 1.5 seconds.

Another thing that might be a glitch or just naturally there or whatever but I was just poking around on my warm up experienced (more hp and boss killer mods) horde roulette for the night before I bumped it up to insane solo like I usually do. I got a wave of incendiary poppers and palace guards you know simple stuff. It was like the last 3 enemies of the wave and I was just juking around to get a tap. I had just gotten shot by palace guards so my bait armor was fully stacked. I start to run out of my base I downed the last two palace guards and there was a popper coming at me. He took one swipe at me and instantly killed me at full health with my bait armor at max. Screen said juvie 100% in 1 hit. And I was flabbergasted.