Your Ideas on what destroyed gears of war

This is the answer, along with TC:s lack of passion and general undecisiveness.
We all know launch for the game wasn’t very good, but I stuck with it and had high hopes that they would work through all the problems. Instead each update brings a new mess of unintended problems, and when various well known bugs are brought up on the devstream it’s always accompanied by genuine surprise from TC, even though the bugs are widely talked about on the forums and very obvious to anyone playing the game for a short while. TC also fails to implement features that very obviously should have been in from the start, instead spending ungodly amounts of time going back and forth on weapon tunings.


what is dislike


Campaign at lauch felt rushed even the end with swarm shooting with standby animation during the truck transport to the gate .

Jack focus is cool but some ability like hijack was put middle/end of the story and have not time to shine even if game plus as come later , it would be cool if jack system in gear 6 would be back but focus on the group not ONLY jack or go back to gear 1 to 4 system without jack and put deebee or cog for the 3 and 4 player

Nothing to say except arcade i think it was a weight even if some love the mod put some ability in with each new character and have drop with kill don’t go well with gear .

I have a difficult relation with it at lauch i doesn’t even play it but now i like it , it doesn’t change the idea that for me it was to costly because it needed it’s own tile set and don’t use the same system like horde or beast mod that use versus map so ressource was separeted with versus map and tile map making map coming slow .


The lauch was nightmare with duplicate lock skin lock and character ability lock to 1 so playstyle wise it was bad , need to fight for a class gamestyle you wanted .
Now it better but they need to have class and character/skin separeted at lauch in gear 6.

Ability wise it was cool but need upgrade even after op 5 some playstyle are left on the side .

I think one of the biggest ironies about this, is that certain people like to claim “they made it political!” or “stop being political!” is that they themselves make things political and give it political meaning; or highlight the political element of it as much as the creators.

Also if we were to flip it on its head, politics is at the core of most things - maybe even everything has or can have political meaning. How come having a white male as the main character is less political than a Hispanic Female main character? Hispanic females have existed for a very long time so it’s not like it’s a new thing. Kinda begs the question really - why is it an issue? Do these people feel uncomfortable with this? It just feels like a reflection of the world right now where some people just want to feel angry. It’s sometimes become a case of people wanting to attack other people rather than their opinions. It becomes very generalised and doesn’t critically address the actual views.

Anyway, I’ll pipe down now lest this thread gets closed for being too political. :wink:


MS vastly overpaying for the Gears rights / IP / whatever exactly they paid for.

As a result, greed has steeped into the game.

And as soon as greed was a primary driver in Gears it has gone downhill. When the focus is on making easy money, systems that don’t benefit the game, just corporate wallets, are implemented. Gears 4 loot boxes / pay to win horde, Gears 5 dress sim and the disgusting XP progression system designed around boost, these are of much more value to MS than quality enticing gameplay.

Sure, Epic wanted to make coin too, but their philosophy was more to make a quality game and then the coin will come. Now, it’s make the coin, and hope there’ll be a decent game in there somewhere.

Just my spin.

Oh, and emotes. Emotes in Gears of War. ‘Pathetic’ doesn’t come close.

The only thing this game has in common with the original trilogy is the 2006-2009 server quality.

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Looking at other games and pasting things into Gears without asking why certain mechanics or functions are in those games. And questioning what are these functions and mechanics doing for the players and the game.

Not understanding the player base and why Gears was a success. And again not look at other games and their player bases. Thus those games have their reasons for their successes.

Robots don’t bleed
Soldiers don’t whine or complain

The story should be about overcoming and surviving against all odds… Like motivation speeches. To help you stay motivated, no matter what your job throws at you.

Also, it doesn’t matter what gender nor sexual status the character has… As long as they are doing their job. Just as in real life when you struggle together it does not matter how the other person looks like. It’s about being able to work as a team… And stay strong together. Not bring each other down or finger-pointing.

Also, no new ways to kill or new types of obstacles/enemies.

many things felt uninspired and done many times before.

Badly planned and probably a lot of conflicts., Lack of understanding feedback. And protecting your own ideas and trying to please the moral/political viewers … Witch is never good if you are trying to create something that’s awesome.

It’s like pleasing the teachers, and the kids calling for their mom when they don’t like the rules of the game they entered. Everyone else enjoyed it until the crying kids and the teachers found out about it. And now everyone has to obey those kids because everyone should be included. So now the game has to be regulated and become gentle… The game will eventually die out because there’s no fun in it anymore. The people that took over made it into something else.

Far from it

Source ?

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Tbh maybe I’m wrong, it might’ve not even been the devs talking

If I’m wrong then yeah, I accept that, story to me is still kinda ■■■

YeahI never played the new Tomb Raiders for this reason(I even got it free on PSplus lol), just that outrage about the first “violence” scene ugh,
The old ones were fun, so not all Tomb Raider is bad.

I’m not seeing it in Gears 5 though, for all purposes Kait screws up every step of the way, she even basically gives the swarm their Myrrah back.

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