Your Ideas on what destroyed gears of war

I was deciding to look into gears of war after leaving the xbox community to go to PC and not touch Gears 5 again after playing part of the campaign. I feel like they ruined everything including the gnasher because they made the pellets land the same every shot (which shotguns DO NOT DO IRL). They didn’t stick with JD which kinda made me mad. The game isn’t what 3 was and I really didn’t mind Gears 4 it didn’t die as fast and had decent gameplay. But I feel like this game is slowly becoming a dead series. Feel free to tell me what you liked and hated about the game because I think that TC needs to fix what they destroyed.

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Simple, it failed to deliver on anything. That’s what killed gears of war.

T.C. needs make a game that’s an actual return to form of the series. Quality and content quantity alike. Because obviously their usual formula of things just isn’t working.


All I ask at this point is for functioning audio, an enjoyable experience, a consistent gnasher, and a good pool of ranked game modes.

The tuning sucks, it encourages bot walking, campers, and power weapon humpers.

I wish the story had more weight and depth, not a campaign for political reasons.


There’s everyone’s biggest issue with judging Gears 5.

It was a problem that kept me from accepting it too.

Gears 4 is not Gears 3. gears 5 is not Gears 3. Gears 6 is not going to be Gears 3.

Hell at this point I don’t even want it to be. If we just keep comparing the newer games to Gears 3, we’re not going to get anywhere. They could reskin Gears 3 with a new story for 6 and people’d complain that it’s too similar to the old games.

Don’t try to hold it to the same standard, that’s not going to work. Gears 5 is not Gears 3, and it’s never going to be.

This too because there’s nothing ‘political’ about the campaign. The protagonist is female I guess? but Kait was set up in Gears 4 and Tomb Raider has been around forever. The only truly ‘political’ elements of Gears 5 is the pantheon of Pride flags but nothing about the Campaign is super politicized.

That’s like if you said Gears itself was political because there’s a character of every conceivable race, and demographic.


I’m not sure it is “destroyed” but I do feel there have been many missteps with 5 (and 4) a few I will list below, with my brief reasons as a committed Gearhead (As we all are!)

Much like Gears 4 with its two tunings, Gears 5 suffers from.TC not being able to just leave alone. They should pick one and stick with it, likewise nerfs. Obviously some weapons need adjustments but not the amount we get.
I’m particularly annoyed how weak the Lancer is now and the recoil in a lot of the weapons. As a support based player (pvp, ranked) it makes a lot of what I contribute worthless.

As for connection it is appalling and unacceptable. I’m lost for words at how bad this game runs 80+% of the time. I don’t understand how SWBFII with probably 50x the players we have can run smoothly every time I play it but Gears 5 runs like a dog. It is the single one thing that will stop me …and has stopped me (for time being at least) playing Gears 5.

I thought it was a massive step up from 4. Although I did not “love” the open world areas and if we get more in 6, they need to have much more going on, in those areas.
Don’t know what TC were thinking with the “choice”
Hivebusters was excellent, maybe not so many leeches and juvies though!

made it too complicated from the get-go, but it has improved.
I just wanted and still want Horde 2.5. We absolutely need full rosta of monsters, we have such brilliant lore on that front. I don’t need “superpowers” also where are our objectives now? You know to get us out of cover and be rewarded with extra ammo/diff weapons etc.

Fair play, I don’t play it much but when I do play I enjoy. Still would have rathered Beast 2.0 though.

Trying to cater to a playerbase that is not necessarily a Gears one, with Arcade, emotes ect. I do understand wanting new blood but I think this has been a fail.
I would love to know the figures of how many new players to the series we have kept, I bet it is very low. Most of us have been here well over a decade.
Listening to Esports way too much.
Lack of modes
Lack of “working/fair” matchmaking
Lack of maps and why oh why when we get returning maps, can they not get a lick of paint or move some assets about.
I played on Trenches and Artillery last night and they are brilliant and have environmental effects which mix up the game play.

I still have hope for 6, maybe that is just blind faith?!


Everyone knows this ,but This is one thing that
no one could say out loud on this forum .

So ask something else please :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Biggest issue for me with Gears 5 is that every time they’re trying to fix something, they break something else.
Regarding Gears as a whole I really can’t say since I exclusively play horde and have always done. Horde is…horde…
Sure, I liked the previous releases more but that could just be me being nostalgic.

It’s dead ?

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I would like to know the political agenda of the Campaign too.

Rest deleted, I promised myself not to get into that anymore lol

They pretty much did tho…

And kinda admitted to it…

Also who mentioned tomb raider lmao

Not gonna type 200+ lines here even though I comfortably could. I think most of it comes down to TC constantly trying to please every single player and ending up with nobody really loving the game. On top of that we have a lack of basic functionalities that are a standard in modern online Games, things like pings in competitive reaction-time focused ranked modes below 200 (yes TC that’s actually possible). We also have absolute incompetence in solving Bugs (unless ofcourse they help players) and poorly implemented new features (mainly pve).

I guess a decent part of this could be solved if they made up their mind on a specific Vision for gears that doesn’t involve copying fortnite and had a bigger budget for post-release content and were given the time they obviously need to finish their game before releasing.


PvP has destroyed the series

The lack of proper QA testing.

Adding emotes, sprays, banners, constantly changing the tuning (leave it alone, slightly tweak from now on).

Not fixing the ping\lag\netcode issues.

Adding delays

Oh, and EMOTES!


I did? In using TR as an example that a female main character doesn’t make it political.

And in what fashion? Because saying “They said it’s political,” Doesn’t help your case here.

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Tomb raider is completely different??

And they admitted that they wanted to have a good line with ‘feminists’ or whatever, good publicity and look for the company

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Somewhere on youtube, by all means look for it lol

All I found were some clips of Cliffy B and Rod saying they want the game to be as far removed from politics as possible.

I wish I could find the interview where they talk about the reasons why they decided to stick with the bow as Laras new weapons instead of dual-pistols. That’s where they mentioned it.

They also made her uglier in Shadow for no reason when she actually looked decent in Rise.

And idk if you played the games but, good lord, is the story a mess. In Shadow she suddenly becomes THE CHOSEN ONE who’s gonna return the Yaxcly( something like that, the Cannibals) to their own dimension.

@OP: Pandering to the PvP-community was the biggest mistake. PvE in 5 is better than any of the previous games. Even with all the stupid bugs and decisions made by TC.

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