Your ideas for a dlc/sequel?

(excuse any bad english trad)

Personally I would like a sequel telling the attack on the republic of Gorasnaya (The most important country of the UIR) by General Karn, we could control a new squad of UIR characters including Paduk.
The environment would be forest and snow to contrast with base game

On the arsenal side, we would have new weapons as well as the Markza, the Booshka and my favorite the Breechshot. Tripwire crossbow would be cool to use in GT too

Bestiary, of course we would have the arrival of Ragers, which could be interesting to fight in Gears Tactics, a “semi sniper” unit which enters berserker mode like grenadiers, when injured but with a bigger life bonus
Other flagship locusts such as the flame thrower or Grinder, the Mauler and their shield that we would have to go around to kill
Cyclops that could come to cut us off and even have a lanzor duel with one of our characters

More in-depth management side where a URI fortress which resists locust attacks, we have to defend it

It would be nice is that we can also find bonus docs on the maps to enhance the lore of the saga and explain certain events

Any other ideas for a suite?


This sounds fantastic but I think they will definitely keep current squad for sequel and for expansion its just too big of a topic and to be done properly it needs a lot of new assets. Im fine with Gabe and Reyna being main focus in the future as there is a lot to uncover but yeah…lets bring young Paduk into the mix as a sideshow:))


I think it should focus on a different group of COG soldiers a little before V-Day (so around the same time as the Gears 3 Campaign). With maybe only 1 character of importance (aka cant die during missions) I’d imagine the final mission could be like a survival thing (like live 20 turns or something). Anyone could die (getting a cutscene mid fight for each one who falls)

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A mission during the Anvil Gate Siege can be cool


The fact that Trescu has not made a physical appearance in the games is a tragedy.

Good post!

Hey let Gabe have the tactics series for this Atleast the main story. I think they should use Paduk for a side DLC flashback for UIR but there needs to be dlc and expansion for the mainline

This is more like a new feature but is it possible to watch the replays after you play through a mission but without the turns? You know what I mean? You are watching the replay but its not showing the turns its showing everything moving at once.

I dont care what you guys make for DLC or sequel Im ready to keep going and playing Gears Tactics ready to buy next big thing.

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Destructive environments. Its in the game but I mean like being able to put a hole in the wall and make your own insertion or a table/bazaar in market is in the way and you can level it with the boomers gun or grenades.

Like right now in my game something is blocking my snipers view to aim for cross cover or overwatch. I would use a heavy to throw a nade to clear that.

Being able to climb up side of buildings with a rope/grappling hook.

And also being able to look around the map like looking up at the sky maybe or at different angles. (forgot console port?)

This is a quick list of my wishes for a sequel:

  • Base-building: Currently the “Home” tab is completely useless, you just see a landscape of your current location. I wish to build and enhance my base, kind of like XCOM2 but with fresh ideas. Missions currently earn you equipment for your Gears (and that’s great) but they could add resources. Like the chests on the map we could find other chests dedicated to enhance/build our base.
    The base would feature different buildings to recruit new gears, train them, make them work on other stuff… Imagine a scientist like Baird working in the lab of your base and unlocking new or enhance your equipment.

  • More enemy types like (on the top of my head) Flamme Grenadiers, Maulers, Armored Kantus and most importantly Berserkers. There could be a mechanic where the Berserker would focus the last character that moved/shot.

  • Hammer of Dawn: It would be acquired during the game, not directly at the beginning. If one of our character has a Hammer of Dawn equipped (instead of the small pistol for instance) we could call the airstrike on a position designated by our character. It would have to be limited in some way, like usable only once every 2 missions or something like that.
    Then there would be some final upgrade that would allow us not to target a single point, but also move it on a straight line.

  • Legendary characters: The game introduced new characters because of the story they wanted to tell (Heroes), but I wish we could have more of the old faces back like Marcus, Dom, Baird, Anya, Tai Kaliso, etc… and they would not necessarily have to be linked to the story. A way to do that would be to make some of them rare random drops in the recruitment pool once you’ve upgraded your base well enough. If they were to die on the battlefield they would “retreat” and leave the map and your roster (just like the permadeath for all the other Gears but lore-friendly :slight_smile: ).


UIR campaign

Love some of these ideas… adding a few of my own.

More character customization. More varied looks. Let me come up with my own
call signs. Let me choose the voices, etc.

Limit ammo in some missions. Loot crates now become ammo caches.

Horde mode.

More locust types. Kryll, troika guns, bezerkers,

More classes. Add some playable vehicles, bots

Customized editor, so I can create my own mission


i agree with a lot of what OP said

when i finished the campaign i quickly got bored of the veteran missions as they served no purpose other than getting achievements

i have even had it when i have done the same mission 3 times in a row (2 as the side missions and one main veteran missions)

i am still doing it and hunting for the legendaries to finish off the achievement but they are so few and far between

i would like it if you could adjust the side missions so that you could make the modifiers easy and get blues or choose a more difficult modifier to get legendaries

i would also like to see a horde style mode added into the game, if the veteran missions were to defend a settlement and the side missions were to stock up on some sort of currency to upgrade characters or your base with every wave of enemies becoming harder and harder it would feel like you had more of an objective

i was dissapointed by the variety of enemies as well i definitely thought there would be a mauler than you had to flank then you would have the opportunity to pick up the shield to create cover on the move like with earlier gears games. flamers that could do aoe damage and could be an instant kill if you target their back packs or hit them front on and be able to steal the weapons which could lead to adding berserkers without hammer of dawn cheese. giving grenadiers less health but a frag grenade would also add some danger.

i think they need some DLC pretty soon to stop it becoming a dead game because after the campaign there is no content rather than the side missions you had been spamming since act 2 anyway

Game really needs more content.
It’s got a solid base, but doesn’t have enough punch once you beat the story.
Needs more mission types and maps especially.

Full on expansion. I LOVE being able to customize my own gears and have been begging for create a cog since gears 2. I would absolutely love getting full on character creation and more customizations of weapons, armors, characters, and even vehicles or a base. Currently, i’m enjoying the game but after playing Shadowrun games and X-com, this just feels like there is a LOT missing, so i would love to see it fleshed out more. Maybe even start giving us Stranded to use, so not all the guys are roided out?

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I don’t mind more UIR stories or content, but not at the expense of not having Gears and COG stuff taken out or ignored.

It’d be cool to see a different perspective though.

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Yeah man Vehicles. I want Centaurs and Minotaurs or whatever those UIR Tanks are going up against the big grubs like Corpsers and Berserkers.

Silverbacks and Baird’s new mech thing would be cool to see too. But I don’t want to go to the Gears 4 timeline. I want to keep fighting Locust. Far better enemy than the Zerg Swarm but with biped legs.


Really like the ideas from OP and @RedisDead107 , both have a lot of content and probably if they were to happen would need to be full expansions.

As a smaller dlc I just want a heavy hero. Probably to keep it in the family something to do with Oscar to give us at least an Act 4.

Btw, happy they did such a great job with this game though. When was the last time we wanted more from a Gears game, rather than just to fix the game in the first place.

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Keep pushing their story to explain how the outsiders came to be which is clear this is their origins

Multiplayer! This game feels like Chess. Include both factions. Plus extended lore essentially Humans Vs Monsters/Heroes vs Villans. Have time limits on the turns, Allow each player to build a deck for upgrades and have exp for characters to also gain upgrades.

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