Your Horde Pet Peeves

Let me start by saying this thread isn’t intended to discuss mechanical stuff you don’t like about the mode etc. - it’s about annoying things players do. I’ll start:

FYI - I mostly play Del

  1. People who hoard energy, instead of depositing it… but then have no problem helping themselves to YOUR lockers

  2. People who constantly grab tri-barrels and salvos from the weapon lockers, run them dry, and then just drop them on the ground, where they inevitably disappear. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to nurse the same set of 4 tri-barrels for an entire game of Horde, if you put them back to reload.

  3. MVP heroes who decide to play on the other side of the map from where the base is, and inevitably get themselves downed, leaving them in a bad spot. Then get revived or rescued, and just keep doing it.

  4. Non-engineers who waste energy placing overpriced, unnecessary fortifications. At least if you’re not going to give your energy to the fabricator, spend it making yourself more effective… not on unnecessary lvl 1 sentries you can’t upgrade, that I’ll then feel compelled to babysit for you.


I’m also a Del main and I agree with all of your points lol I also get really annoyed when other people start moving my fortifications around for seemingly no reason


A couple more I just thought of:

  1. People who join your lobby, while the game has a gigantic box up telling them there’s a character conflict between them and someone else. Rather than pick a new character or join another lobby, they just ride it out, inevitably don’t get the character they want, and then quit the game once it loads into the map. Thanks for wasting our time and yours, dude. Now you’ve saddled us with a useless AI soldier for the next 50 waves.

  2. People with live mics that never seem to cut out, and are just them babbling to someone else in the room.


Yeah, you pretty much just described all the most obnoxious behaviors of horde players. 100% agree with all of those.

Or here’s one that’s annoying, when you’re playing as Jack:

  • Engineers who REFUSE to build a Forge, or upgrade it, because they don’t understand the value of it.

That’s the been the curse of online gaming for a long time now. It’s just as annoying when the think they are being quiet, but position the mic a centimeter from their nostril so I have the luxury of being reminded that I’m playing a match with an asthmatic sea lion. Online gaming has been around decades now, there’s no excuse for not knowing where to place your f***ing mic.

Oh yeah, people where you can just hear them breathing through their mic the entire time, are the worst.

you got it, but also,
people who move ur fortifications around,
people who try to upgrade ur sentries so that they get the kills from them,
people who just stand there and do anything
when u build a forge and the person playing as jack doesn’t bother to melt the weapons

This. If you like sh*t set up a certain way, then queue up as an engineer. If you’re Marcus, keep your hands off the damn barriers.

If my group has a Jack, I’ll usually try to get a feel for how much they know what they are doing. For example, if they are a lvl 12 player overall, with a lvl 1 Jack, I probably won’t bother building them a Forge unless they ask, because it’s unlikely they’ll even know to use it. Same goes for if they seem to run headlong into enemies to zap them all, versus actually playing a support role.

People who stand around and do nothing are super frustrating. I’ve recently had a few rounds where someone just took cover behind the fabricator for the first 10-15 waves and did nothing.

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So agree with all above

In original post #3 is it me or is that player usually in the Sarah Conner Skin ? Every time I see a Sarah Conner skin appear in round one I think ohh here “we go … our hero is here to fall down a lot” :rofl:


The players who take your fortifications and put them in a useless area.

Biggest pet pleeve: people who quit after they are downed. And I am running to revive them. :frowning:
Put me in a bad position because I tried to revive a quitter

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Hi everyone,
I’ve been playing as Del lately and enjoying very much the engineer role. I’m nearly level 18. I agree with all the points that have been made so far and it seems like it’s all to common. Personally I concentrate on looking after the team first with putting out at least four upgraded lockers and forge ASAP if Jack is playing. After the lockers and forge are completely upgraded I built some fortifications, followed by a few sentries and take them to lvl4 . In between I help jack melt weapons, repair, reload and revive as much as I can. I think I do an alright job. The only real problem that I have lately is fabricator placement. I think I’m putting it in the right place but some one nearly always picks it up and puts it in another place. Does this happen to you guys also?


Yeah that happens to me too. Everyone seems to have different ideas as to where the fabricator should be placed.

Yeah, but they should keep their damn hands to themselves unless they’re the engineer.


I feel the same. Unless you’re playing as Kat or Del, then you shouldn’t be worrying about the fabricator or fortifications.

Some stuff I didn’t see mentioned are people who hog ammo boxes, people who ignore downed teammates, and people who expect all of the weapon locker slots are only for them.


Four fully upgraded lockers before you even lay down a fortification kinda seems like overkill.

I’ll usually lay down barriers first, to outline where our “base” is, at which point I’ll build a locker and upgrade it. I typically don’t build more than two fully upgraded lockers in an entire game, although I might occasionally throw up a third one somewhere for myself to use. :slight_smile:

After I put up a locker, I’ll build a Forge if we have a Jack, and then kinda play it by ear from there.

If I’m in a game with a really good Jack, I’ll get that Forge upgraded ASAP, because we’ll be swimming in energy by the end. I remember a game where I was playing Jack, and our engineer had so much energy to play with by the end, that our base was jam packed with sentries and barriers everywhere, and was covering nearly half the map, haha.


Had good one last night that made me say WTF many times. Playing on master on reclaimed we got up to wave 31 and were cruising. JD was doing a great job but dropped out after 31 . A new JD joined right away and Moved all the fortifications around and we got swarmed right away and all down by 33…It’s amazing how a great teamwork that we had saw us cruise for the first 30 waves And how quickly it was undone with one selfish person. What do you do??? Harmony in the team is the key to killing grubs for 50 waves on Master or any difficulty fir that matter. Too bad it’s hard to find.

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That’s exactly the same way that I approach setting up a base. A lot of the early building really depends on how good the Jack player is, or if there is one at all.