Your Gears Jams/Hype Music?

What do you listen to when you really wanna get into the game? I Know most people just listen to playlist but I usually pick 1 hype song and put it on loop for a few hours.



Nice, calm and relaxing for Versus.

If I’m REALLY getting into the game, I’m just cranking up my headset to hear enemy movement.
If I am doing social or LAN practice, I’ll listen to music. Anything and everything. Old school Wu-Tang has that syncopated rhythm with the martial arts theme that really puts me into the wallbouncing mindset.
Folk takes the edge off and gets me to relax my nerves.
Stand-up comedy keeps me from getting bored.
Motorhead puts me in the run and gun mood.

Just the game albeit with Classic FM in the background.

If I’m playing Horde 2.0 on 360 I will stream cds I added to the hard drive (I loved that feature so much) my main music would be:
Pink Floyd
Black Sabbath
…many others, I think I have around 150 cds on it, so just hit random play.

Anything really :stuck_out_tongue: Depends on what I want to hear, Gears 1 music, Halo music, Dead space etc…

Gotta be new rock in roll, motionless in white or slipknot

Hello all,

I usually listen to Sirius XM NBA channel or Hart comedy channel while playing. For music Pac, Big, Jay-z or whoever. Listen to roy wood jr or rickey smiley prank call while playing also for a good laugh.

Have a nice day!

I like to focus on the game’s audio…

I don’t have ADHD so bad that I have to multitask everything I do.

I put on Pandora and play ED Rush station

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thanks. I Have a new destiny to pursue…

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