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Your Gears 5 launch plans?

Hi guys!

So we are slowly approaching the launch of Gears 5, and I’m really excited for september the 6th.
The ending of Gears 4 was a huge cliffhanger, so I cant wait to get to know more about the story.

Me and my best friend has always taken some days off when a Gears game launched, in order to be able to get the full experience and dive into the game.
Therfore, I think it could be fun to hear your plans for YOUR, Gears 5 launch.

I can start by saying that my wife has agreed to take a night over at her parents with our daughter, so that me and my friend can play undisturbed, all night. We will set up two TV’s right next to each other, and then have to table stacked with snacks, energydrinks and we even ordered a Gears 5 cake from our local bakery.
We will start with the campaign, and once that has been completed, try of some Escape, then a lot of versus and end with some Horde.

What are your guys plan? Feel free to share pictures on launch day in this thread :smile:

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theres already a thread for this

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Do we need to open up the vault and post the picture?

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Yeah, but I’m glad to see he’s using the Search button!


Firstly make love to my Gears 5 Xbox*…after that it gets far to debauched for

*It will be the greatest “reaction” vid ever! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::crazy_face:

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I tid actually use the search button, but didn’t really find a matching thread. Feel free to give me the link and I’ll delete this thread :slight_smile:

The closest thread to this was,

I can merge your post there and close this thread.

Well, my thread was actually not just about which mode, but plan in general. Like if someone had plans to do something special.

Like me and my friend have ordered a special Gears cake.

But it looks like someone here in the community is more about being sarcastic and informing that there is another thread, when it appears that there actually isn’t one that’s completely the same.

So if it helps those who are serially butthurt. Just close this thread :slight_smile: