Your gamer profile does not have permission to play online games

So when i try to play Gears 1/Ultimate edition,2,3 versus it just displays error message “Your gamer profile does not have permission to play online games” or something like that. Does anyone know how to fix this? This has not happened to me before.

Dunno fam. Probs should go ask your mommy about this

Why should i ask my mom? tf

Parental restrictions are blocking your game lmao

Impossible i have “no restrictions” and my parents have nothing to do with my ■■■■■■■ xbox account :smiley:
i am 19 years old after all.

Dunno how then. But that is your problem. It is restricted. Are you using an alt account?

A fellow young one I see. I’m 18😜

I am using my main account.

Strange. I’d check you account settings, and see if any restrictions are turned on.

I checked and like i said before no restrictions were turned on.

Could you have some kind of account ban or ban form gears games in general?
Do you have xbox live gold account because i don’t think the free account allows online play.


Need a Gold Account. If you do, then there’s a serious issue.

Either it’s

A. You don’t have a gold account and you need to renew your subscription.
B. You have some sort of online ban from Xbox/MS. You may want to check you xbox live messages or associated e-mail.

Other than those two things I can’t imagine why you can’t play the gears games online.

Its his mom I tell ya

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After considering all the evidence, looking over the facts and talking to witnesses. I’ve come to the conclusion…you right.

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Go into your network settings. Then advance settings. Then to alternate MAC address. And hit clear and restart that should solve the problem. It worked on destiny 2.

Oh yeah… i only have gold trial now… that might be the problem…

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