Your game is crashing on my series X

Your game is the only game on my series x that crashes consistently. 31 ranked disconnects. I really hope the problem is with my series x. It hasn’t even been a year since I go it.

It appears to be a problem with the game. Multiple players have confirmed there series x is crashing. No idea whats causing it at all not I have I seen anything from TC to suggest they are looking into it but just cause I haven’t seen doesn’t mean they are not lol.

Best thing to do is send a support ticket but don’t hold your breathe.

Then you can claim the warranty. I had to do this with my Series X as I had the same issue. Within two weeks they sent out a replacement and I have no issues since.

Lol forget what I said do this instead lol.

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Bored so can’t resist…






Clear enough?

If not, read back through the various posts that myself and @GB6_Kazuya have commented on.

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Two weeks?! It was fun being #1 on TDM while it lasted…

Yeah mine went back. I really do miss the speed and quick resume but other than that there’s no games. I will only buy another when I can get it direct from MS and you can get the 3 year warranty and accidental damage cover for £35. I can see me get my moneys worth out of that as it covers the controller too!

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I sent my console in for warranty last Monday. They sent me another one that arrived yesterday. Gears 5 just shut down the new system as well.

Well the choice is yours:

  • Endure the faulty console for the sake of a near meaningless leaderboard spot, which you could easily recover if you were determined enough.

  • Take a two week hiatus (maximum, may be quicker) as your console is replaced but return to mercilessly reign supreme with absolutely nothing to hold you back. -cue the dramatic music-

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Are you serious? This OldMonkeynut guy is yelling at me telling me my xbox is faulty, and you just confirmed the new series x Microsoft sent you is still crashing with gears 5. Wow.

There’s no guarantee that a new replacement console doesn’t have faulty components, or whatever is causing the issue. Just saying.

Yep I’m convinced it’s a fault we will see more and more of as the more powerful games come out. My son can play for days on overwatch/fortnite etc etc with not one hint of a shutdown. I play gears and it’s clearly drawing too much power or overheating and saying no more. If I was like 99.99% of the rest of the xbox owners and didn’t play gears I’d never know I had a hardware issue, well until a similar system stress game came out. Some people have consoles over a year old and out of warranty.

I agree with this even though my second system just crashed. For all I really know they could’ve sent me a refurbished one that someone else had issues with. Maybe they weren’t able to reproduce the problem in a reasonable amount of time so perhaps they just called it good and resent it out to the world.

With that being said, the first console I had when horizontal would only run about 10-30 minutes in Gears 5 before I could guarantee a shutdown. I managed to get it to happen while chatting with Microsoft because i knew it would happen so frequent. This new one worked fine yesterday for all of Act 1. But today about an hour into Act 2 it shut down. Could also be a one off, I started playing something else after it happened.

My biggest issue with the first one I sent in wasn’t that just Gears 5 was crashing. If it were that I would’ve said hey, Gears needs an update. But it also started happening to me in Forza Horizon 5 and Outriders. So far, this new one has only crashed the one time.

I think it’s possibly an update Microsoft needs to look into as well as the developers. I read a lot of post about the 2k games crashing people’s systems a couple months ago and Microsoft released a system update that supposedly fixed a lot of the issues. This seems very similar to those crashes.

But most people, I would think, realize that the list means little to nothing. I would personally find it embarrassing being at the top of that list unless I were the legend @SnubbbS of course.

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Ive beaten him before, its all good.

And you talked ■■■■ to me after it, and I 1v1’d you and slapped you on two separate occassions. I think I killed you like 17 times in a row at one point.

You started it. It was a while back but I remember it was you who talked ■■■■ first. Don’t try to act like the good guy. This was back then when there were master ranks.

As I said, I 1v1d you on two occasions and won both times. A quick look at my dms with you on xbox confirms I also killed you 17 times in a row at one point.

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As I said. Its all good, I beat you multiple times in multiplayer before. those 1vs I accepted I was playing all day through the night. I wanted to challenge myself but you barely hopped on. It was a free 1v so I took it to my advantage. I did better my second time.

I lose to everyone in multiplayer all the time, rng teammates.