Your favourite crowd control class in horde/escape

My 3 picks would be :



I thought I was alone in I pretty much only like Pilot since the class can freeze the wakaatu in Boss Rush. I also think it’s really good for solo or 2 player escape because of the wingman skill card.


I think a lot of people just have a residual liking of the Dropshot because it was busted strong in GOW4. We both haven’t played 4.

I like the breaker mace Anchor for CC. Always got that backup Boltok bleed plus another favorite weapon of your choice.

Don’t sleep on shield + breaker mace.


Wingman is one of my favorite cards for Pilot. It really works out that most of the time I play Escape it is just me or only with one friend I love spamming the Silverback.

Yep. Agreed wholeheartedly. The small narrow corridors of Escape lend itself extremely well to the AoE application of Fear, then combined with the fact that enemies don’t run if the LZ/Saferoom is blocked and only slowly wonder about when scared making it easy to catch up to them, and you have unrivaled crowd control potential.


And it’s still a very viable weapon in 5 with the Pilot. Your target isn’t going to regen health if it’s dead in a single shot, and for anything that doesn’t go down in one shot, the headshots do enough damage that it straight up doesn’t matter if they get some health back. But I never have the issue of the regenerating health in the first place when playing Pilot.

Try getting some Bullet Chain stacks and then try smacking stuff with it. It is really strong.


Yeah probably my Pilot I suppose. But Jack taking a mulcher scion is a close second, boomshot scion great too.

I do spam my Ult as Pilot and it annoys me when someone doesn’t. They’re usually not very good players. There are some exceptions - 1-50, Master, you have the high ground. It’s often superior to just drop shot down the stairs all wave long because the damage and stunning is so good. But that’s map dependent. Only thing that annoys me is Frenzy, I never see any good Pilots.

If your Hammer card is level 5 or higher, it’s about 4-5 dropshots (using nothing else and not waiting at all) to perk the Ult. I’ll literally do that at the start of the wave, Ult the entire wave, kill myself, repeat process. It’s one of the fastest Ults in practice to come back because taking damage is as good as doing damage sometimes better. I’ve had a Silverback end, got boomshot killed, and had the Ult immediately. It’s just broken it’s so funny. Love my Pilot!

I suspect too many players are horrible with the Dropshot though. I see a lot of them literally get rid of it!!! It’s like what are you doing?! Some of us had hundreds of hours practicing the dropshot in Gears 4 because it was so good, boy do I miss those lockers full of dropshots with 18 ammo capacity lol so sick. We wouldn’t even wait to use them just send them into barriers constantly. But you got good aiming after a while, it’s a fun gun. I never would have imagined all that time would pay off with a class like Pilot where accuracy is important and the thing stuns too, it’s fantastic.

Architect - everybody likes that Hologram :3

Of course not always…

In general I’d definitely say Brawler. Tackle-smash-build in Horde is so much fun. In Escape you don’t necessarily need that, just the basic tank build will do already.


Hey. I love your YouTube channel. Your boss rush guides helped alot. A bit off topic but I just though I’d share the support.


Thanks for watching them! I appreciate it, Happy they helped.


Subbed your channel a couple of days ago mate, you have me tempted to buy breakpoint again.


Glad to hear that dude! The new missions are so fun. Breakpoint is such a challenge at higher difficulties. I’m hoping to get some missions at the highest difficulty completed in January.

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Crowd Control…it’s amazing to introduce “crowd control” this familiar gaming vocabulary, which I try to promote some terms a long time ago.

There’re several types of crowd control:

  1. Enemies cannot hit you, but you can kill them “quietly”

  2. CC control to Enemies like fear, anti-shield, items you built that control by your character

  3. Explosive AoE damage (Boomshot, GL) that splashing the whole ground of Enemies

  4. Buffs on teammates, not the control on enemies

Therefore, to the number 1 criteria, I would rate Infiltrator, Marksman, Anchor, Gunner

To the number 2 criteria, Nomad, Blademaster, Pilot, Jack, RE, Mechanic, Architect

To the number 3 criteria, Demolition, Brawler, Tactician, Slugger, Striker

To the number 4 criteria, Combat Medic, Veteran, Tactician, Protector

My favourite was combat medic.


I always used to term in the context of getting overrun by a crowd or what class can prevent a situation like that. It’s Fascinating it can be used to describe other situations.

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Nor are silverback’s weapons affected by the damage perk, lol…

My fave class for crowd control? Slugger… BOOM… :grin:

Second only to Marksman’s explosive headshot…

My comments will mostly be based on horde as I don’t usually play a lot of Escape these days.

Assault classes:

  1. Marksman - Longshot Handling, Modified Longshot, Critical Parade, Exploit Weakness and Ambush.

Any decent player that can land headshots can easily wipe the entire wave and finish a match quickly with these cards. Explosive Headshot is good too, but I don’t need it. I prefer to keep my ultimate running as long as possible so when it’s a boss wave, only the bosses are left to kill.

  1. Blademaster - Blade Dancer, Thrill of the Hunt, Energy Surge, Shock Chain and Brawler.

Hard to master for a lot of players, but very satisfying to play as when you know exactly what you’re doing. A lot of players have different playstyles for this class or CQC in general, I personally play extremely aggressive as a Blademaster as it should be played. Of course playing very aggressively can sometimes be punishing. Looking at you, Scion Boomshot, Therons/Palace Guards and Cyclops. Peace Makers suck too lol.

  1. Nomad - Execution build. Self-explanatory

Tank Classes:

It’s a tie between Pilot and Gunner for 1st place. They’re both equally good in their own unique ways. I enjoy playing as either class. For Pilot I use The Hammer, Bleeding Mulcher, Cold Finish, Healing Explosives and Aggressive Armor. I mainly focus on using the dropshot because it’s a lot of fun to use and has very high damage against enemies. The stun effect is the cherry on top. Occasionally, I use the silverback if I’m the last one standing or to take down flying enemies like flocks, guardians, sentinels, kestrels and wakaatus.

As for Gunner, I find the torque bow build to be the most fun and effective build to play with. I also like to stay mobile at all times. Carrying a heavy weapon as a Gunner prevents me from doing so. Also, some maps are just way too big to only use a mulcher. Some might say I can try to run a hybrid build, but I’d rather keep it simple and focus on one build instead. Besides, I will always prefer the torque bow build any day over the heavy weapon build. The cards I use are Reflect Shredder, Serrated Edge, Bait Armor, Concussive Explosives and Heavy Shell.