Your favourite class to play in horde or escape. And why?

For me personally in horde, I love playing as tactician class purely because it’s more like a teamplayer role. Put the kills/damage done aside, tactician brings in 63% damage resistance to the team (if in radius) and refills the explosion ammos to other heavies.

Overall, fun to play and offers lot to the team.


Veteran is my favorite class for horde and brawler is my favorite class for escape


For Escape, I would say Blademaster, if only for how good it is on maps where you have reliable venom coverage and/or for teams that are not outrunning it much. Unfortunately it tends to be the case that when things do go smoothly it loses a lot of its utility due to outrunning venom and I don’t see the appeal in a ranged Claw build for a melee focused class or being what is basically discount Infiltrator with the Gnasher.

Horde, currently has to be Gunner with a Torque Bow bleed oriented loadout, which is useful for ranged shooting more than a Mulcher build and also gets the ult back fairly often which makes it even better, be it for just help clear enemies out or use it in a sticky situation, or Nomad with a hybrid Markza sniping/execution build because it has utility both for clearing “flusher” enemies that like to close in with executions/chainsawing, and put some damage in as well as start Fear chains with headshots, which gives it a nice bit of flexibility and team utility because it can make early waves a lot easier especially with the Aggressive Enemies modifier, or chase off some grouped up enemies or that pesky Guardian that keeps buzzing around into your base and behind people.

Can’t speak to melee classes in Horde, don’t tend to use them and have only lately played with the idea of it to try different things.

Tactician and Demo don’t seem to appeal to me much these days, for some reason. It’s certainly not because I dislike explosives.


Pretty much all the classes. Main schmain. Though I’ll say playing with randoms has left me hesitant towards playing engineers.

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If I must choose, I’ll go old reliable, Tactician (formerly known as Keegan). He got me over some humps in Escape and still is top class in terms of pure destruction on the battlefield. Not only that, his abilities benefit his team in several ways, whereas the top assault classes do not. This creates a situation where the team isn’t necessarily dependent on him to kill everything, since their own killing abilities are enhanced by him. In contrast, it’s all or nothing with some top assault classes. When they falter, the team is left in a poor position because most resources were used up to get them to that point. I’m speaking mainly of Escape, of course.


Depends on my mood. I like having variation.

But my main favourites are:


Fahz/Marksman - popping heads is always satisfying. Plus it kinda feels like it’s a class which requires a bit more skill than average and despite its power, it often feels like alot of players don’t feel confident in playing this role so it’s always nice to show them how it’s done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keegan/Tactician - I love performing the Tactician-Demolitions-Interrogation-Spotter-Support combo which enables the Tactician to mark all enemies within range of them grabbing an enemy meatshield. This in turn allows the Demolitions to drop their Artillery ultimate ability on all marked targets, which can wipe out large numbers of enemies in seconds. With Confirmed Kill (Demolitions skill card) as well as high-damage bleed done to enemies, the Demolitions can get their ultimate ability back very quickly. Anyway, the Demolitions has the easy job - just press Y to drop the bombs when the marks appear. The fun and exciting role of this partnership is down to the Tactician who has to grab a meatshield. The Tactician has very limited defence buffs etc, and grabbing a meatshield often involves working outside of the base, effectively performing punch-punch-kick-meatshield combos on enemies; or using Flashbangs to set them up. I find Tacticians who do this effectively have an Escape-skillset which involves good awareness and movement, and I like this role because it’s fun and high-risk.


Lahni/Blademaster - I like this role because it’s highly proactive and requires players to do alot - probably more than the average player realises. A good Blademaster needs good awareness, good movement; a good understanding of CQC combat as well as understanding enemy behaviours which enables them to work around this to find melee opportunities. Being reliant on venom also adds that little bit of excitement to the role as well because it’s high-risk. If you screw up, then the venom will push your team, and can result in a wipe.

Fahz/Marksman - as above, popping heads can be a beautiful feeling. There’s also a number of Escape hives which enable this class to take centre stage and it’s nice to feel like you’re carrying a team. I mean, Escape is tough as it is and frankly, your average PVE player isn’t good enough to manage master difficulty so there’s that element of ego which enjoys pulling off lots of consecutive headshots and clearing rooms before your team mates realise what’s going on.


Gunner because I’m trash.

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Blademaster / Marksman / Infiltrator for Horde

Nomad / Infiltrator / Anchor for Escape


Infiltrator, pilot or marksman.

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Kait/Infiltrator… Too may positives for me to ignore. Let’s see… Not really perk dependant for the first 10 waves so I can help engineer build the base, you are good with the ammo boxes so you don’t have to hope for the engineer to stop building sentries and get you a locker, and with the Stim cards you are tanky. I love tanky characters.

Baird/Robotic Expert (if people donate and aren’t building perks at the start). Since I hate when people buy sentries before making sure everyone has lockers… I like being the one in charge of that not happening. I also love perking critical damage and going to headshot town with the Torque Bow.

Clayton/Gunner. On the contrary (mostly on Frenzy) if I want to perk up I use it since he’ll get his own ammo so I also don’t need Engineer. Also his ultimate is badass for when the base is overrun or someone may need a pickup in the middle of the field.


Veteran, Anchor and Tactician in Escape are my favorites.


today none they were nerfed

I find my self playing Medic and Anchor the most. Two of the more useful classes in the game. Anchor helps to carry and protect all the newbies on the higher difficulties. It’s fun. I haven’t really tried out all the classes, since I like to stick to one thing most of the time. As for characters, I bought the Chrome Steel skins for Marcus and COG Gear, so I usually always stick with those two, lol.

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For Horde- Tactician, Nomad, Blademaster
For Escape ( I am not very good at Escape =)- Brawler, Nomad,

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Generally I play what needs XP.
But if you leave that aside. If there is an easy access to a shotgun. Infiltrator.
If not it’s either Anchor(Who made that name up ?) Brawler, Blademaster, if there is easy access to a Longshot, Marksman also.
Since I am leveling my Combat Medic now, I find he is oddly fun to play too.
Generally I prefer to spec for the given escape,
In horde…hmm I guess that depends on the Mutators I’m a fan of adjusting to the given Circumstances. We do have that luxury.


My playstyle usually revolves around a combination of CQC, tanking, and sniping, to cover a lot of situations. So with that in mind, my favorite classes are:

-Very versatile class that can do CQC, sniping, and anywhere in between. It has excellent survivability and team support with good use of Fear as well. Probably my #1 favorite class.

-Pretending to be a mechwarrior with the Silverback is so much fun and such a power trip. This Ult is durable and can clear an encounter or two by itself. On foot, the neutral game is still great. Cold Finish is fantastic for bypassing the downed state and thus Execution Rules, as well as the self-destruct immunity of certain enemies, all while providing nice team support for cleanups. Aggressive Armor is great for face-tanking too, wether when gunning down an Elite Drone, or getting meleed by a Scion. I loved all this before they even added the Hammer card, which now rounds out the class well with a nuke-stun Dropshot.

-The tackle and sucker-punch abilities are so unique and entertaining with this class, and going full-tank allows one to easily sustain it without much need for any weapons. If you do choose to use weapons (I usually don’t on Brawler), the ranged build of setting everything on fire and blowing it all up is underrated, especially with no Execution Rules.

-There is something particularly satisfying about popping heads in this game, and the whole point of this class is to do that in spades. I mainly only use it for Horde, where Longshots are guaranteed and with the card trinity of Longshot Handling, Critical Parade, and Explosive Headshot, I can rapid-fire nuke-snipe the entire map and wave from the safety of the base while shooting through a wall.

-The best CQC class for Horde right now in my opinion. Can more safely blast things from outside the range of getting meleed, and the full stim build can rival Brawler’s tankiness, allowing the ability to run-and-gun like no other. The Ult can then be used to get away and pull off a clutch team save, or to powerblast a high priority target. This class rivals Demolitions when it comes to boss-killing. A very well-rounded CQC class.

-Only really possible in Horde, this class is simple. Just stand there and minigun things without much care about ever dying, and near-infinite ammo.

-I don’t usually like to play Engineer, but this particular one makes it fun. Don’t have to worry much about the chore of constantly repairing, just keep building and help snipe things for Precision Repairs. The base can then sustain itself, and expand across the map in a way other Engineer classes generally can’t.

-Had to make a special shoutout for this promo class. It is still my most played Escape class just from Op 1 and 2 alone, and I personally like it better than Blademaster. Not dependent on Venom for its own melee bleed, and the constant passive stim helps keep it alive from being 1-hit-downed. The Drop Shield can save you in a pinch. I hope that this and the other promo classes get buffed in the future.


I don’t play Escape, but in Horde I really enjoy playing (in no specific order): Gunner, Pilot, Nomad, and Tactician… They all have things they are good at, all specific ways to help the team, and all do a reasonable amount of damage on Master…

I also enjoy Marksman, but I’m not a very good sniper, so I tend to leave that to others…

I used to enjoy Kait, don’t enjoy the new Kait at all (don’t like this in-your-face play style)
Used to enjoy JD, don’t enjoy the new JD at all (I like using Boomshots, consatntly running back to the locker is not fun)…

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Marksman for both because I like sniping. I do play pretty much any class though.

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Tactician or Demo. These days I just fill the role of what looks like is needed to get through the waves on Horde after a scan of the lobby. I only play Escape for exp bonuses so no favorite there.

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For horde it’s hands down Marksman I have this addiction with hearing the heads pop it’s so satisfying besides it plays to my strengths the best. Even when I play another class in horde it’s hard for me not to gravitate towards using a Longshot (and hypocritically yes it annoys me when someone plays outside their class LoL) it’s become somewhat a running joke with my teammates to the point where they will sometimes throw one down at my feet to tempt me.
For escape if we are trying to master it I will generally go marksman but it can also depend on the hive. No point bringing in a marksman for an escape with no longshots or markzas in that case I could be anchor, infil, brawler, blade master really just depends on who and what is going to best lend itself to the team for that specific hive. So depending on the escape I could be anything. Also depends if I’m trying to level up a character but for that I usually run surge or clock.

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