Your favorite type of taco or burrito

be it fast-food, a local food rest rant, or home made

Mine is the nacho cheese dorito hard shell from tacobell

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I’m a burrito fan personally. Tacos are great and all but I prefer softer foods. But anything from taco bell is S+ Tier for me.

I also love Burritos there some good breakfast steak ones at holiday(gas-station) oddly enough and it good!

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There is a small place hear my house where nobody speaks English and its fantastic. Refried beans on my burrito with salsa, cheese, corn, peppers, cilantro and lettuce. Gawd damn.


You cannot beat REAL Hispanic food… Not the BS American version.

Beef Tongue Tacos from taco trucks, those are my jam fam. Some chopped onions, cilantro and lime hoo boy.

Aside from those, dem default crunchy tacos from Taco Bell also hit the spot.

Carne asada, cilantro, onions, corn tortilla. Innit.

Taco Bell just developed what they call the Cantina Melt taco. It uses a thin and really crispy shell. I sub steak on everything I get from them, and it doesn’t hurt here.

I’m normally a burrito fan myself, when grilled, but these new Cantina Melt ones are making me reconsider.

Just a plain hard shell taco, i dont eat cheese either . Just meat in a shell.