Your favorite comedian?

Personally, mine would be a tie between Bill Burr and Dan Cummins.


George Carlin… He had the best stand up shows…

I guess now that I think about it… Some of the funniest people are all really old, or really dead…
Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Steve Martin… Comedy back in the 80’s was probably some of the best…


I got to see him perform live back in the 90’s. He was awesome.


Mine is :Leslie Nielsen, Stephen Chow, Richard Ayoade, and Matthew Perry.


Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, George Carlin


Bill Murray, Dennis Leary, Carlin, and the Pythons.


How dare you! Murray couldn’t make a joke to save his life!

But yes, the Pythons are fantastic.

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Ghostbusters is classic! :ghost:

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You gotta watch Patrice O’Neil - Elephant in the Room. Its one of my favorite stand ups

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Ah, I have heard of that name before. I’ll check him out.

Joe Rogan also has some pretty funny bits

Joe Rogan has some good ones. But definitely check out that 1 . You will definitely enjoy it. I was lucky when I was your age I used to go to comedy clubs in NYC every weekend. I got to see a lot of people before they really made a name for themselves. I dunno remember if it was you I was talking about this with

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I think you were talking with someone in my party chat about it yes.

Yeah, I do find Rogan to be a better interviewer than comedian, but he can be hilarious. I’ve heard Patrice is hilarious

Patrice is very under rated. He was on a lot of the Comedy Central roast and he used to be on Opie and Anthony. He was also on the Chappelle Show with Bill Burr for a few epidsodes. He was also on The Office as one of the warehouse workers. I could talk stand up for days. I have about 20gb of nothing but stand up on my external harddrive.

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I have heard Rogan, Burr, and Kevin Hart mention how great he was. Been meaning to check out his stuff for awhile.
Opie and Anthony. Is that Anthony Cumia?

I actually just started to get into stand-up myself. I’m really enjoying it.

Chad Daniels and Tom Segura are also pretty good

Yup that Anthony. One of the best radio talk shows ever.

A lot of people mention Patrice Oneal because he unfortunately died before he could really shine

Ton Segura is hysterical man.

Also netflix is really killing it with the standups. It used to be HBO but netflix took it and ran with it

If you’re ever looking for suggestions I see your humors all over the place like mine. I got you

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Yeah man. Anything overtly offensive and politically incorrect is golden for me lol. And yeah, Netflix is dominated stand-up right now. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Yeah man, definitely give me suggestions. I’m always looking for new comics. Or old ones that I have’t had the chance to check out yet

Really frustrated with how Louis C.K has been treated btw. The things that he’s been accused of are just stupid, and now his life’s work is almost ruined

You’ll definitely love Patrice Oneal then,

Look into Russel Peters. Dude is hysterical and some how is a world wide name without doing anything most comedians do. People says hes the best comedian you never heard of

Also thats why Chappelle is one of the greatest. Hes offensive and politically incorrect but also spot on

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Never heard of Russel Peters. I’ll def check him out

As for Louie CK, if what they say is true You cant go around jerking off in front off people lol Trust me I know (j/k)

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