Your Best Paduk Setup?

Just want to know everyone’s class setup for paduk. I’m grinding mine currently and I’d just like to see which cards would be best for which roles. Like for sniping or offensive scout play.

Bleed is difficult to keep going, its more of a novelty use that can become annoying to maintain.

I use markza mastery, consecutive shots, lifeline, intimidation and Boltok stun shots although i sometimes swap it out for bleed.

Bleed isn’t always hard to keep with the right situations.

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I only lvled Paduk to 16. Some other threads have some good builds for him but I’ve been going with this.

execution shield
Last one can be whatever.
This is a fear spreading execution build. Retro is a must. I basically hide around a wall behind our barriers and when things get close I charge in. The fear bomb going off stuns them for about 2 seconds before they start running away. I try to charge into another and keep the chain going. Can be very dangerous but that’s half the fun. I was using armored shot but it’s just so hard to keep stim in this game.

You can also build Paduk to be more of a sniper but I haven’t had much success with that. My cards aren’t lvled enough to make it work on Masters.

Paduk seems to be quite a versatile character depending on the situation and whether it’s Escape or Horde.

For Escape, I like an execution/crowd control build where I use:

Execution Shield
Concussive Rounds
Markza Mastery
Nomad Armor

Markza’s are commonly found, so the Markza Mastery adds extra damage. I’m not great with the Markza, so I don’t tend to use Consecutive Shots card as I find it harder to land consecutive shots to build up the damage. Nomad Armor is just for extra defence, while Execution Shield heals and gives stim. Faze can be great for crowd control as Fear stops enemies from shooting at you, and Concussive Rounds help to set up executions, or just stops enemies ink their tracks. Also I tend not to go for a long-range sniper build so much purely because Fahz can do the sniping thing much better. I prefer to focus my builds on Paduk’s more unique skills instead and Escape lends itself better to CQC.

In Escape, I’d say that anything Fear related needs to be done considerately with regard to team mates though. Sometimes Fear can do more harm than good because panicked enemies run around, so it can make it difficult for some characters like Mac or Fahz to land headshots. Like there’s not much sense in charging into a roomful of enemies who aren’t initially aware of your presence, alerting enemies just so you can execute one and induce Fear when you have the element of surprise.

I haven’t had much chance to play as Paduk in Horde, so haven’t really settled on any particular build. I think a Fear-inducing sniper build could work given in Horde it’s all about creating and managing choke points.

I absolutely hate it. They always love run towards the extraction point :smile:.

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Yeah what’s the deal with that? You’d figure they’d just run away from Paduk but nope, a whole swarm of them crowd around on the exit point making you kill em as fast as you can before they snap out of fear

Yeah but you have to weigh up the amount of those situations vs having a competent regular setup.

When bleed is working its nice but if you setup relying on it, you end up disappointed.

Paduk feels like the first character with a bleed card that isn’t a necessity, maybe TC will re balance him and remove the stim restriction.

It’s by design.

Paduk’s Fear would negate the final wave of enemies that spawn while the door is closing if they didn’t run for the exit.

It’s lazy coding. The enemies are progammed to run towards open exits unless there’s something blocking the entrance to it. If the safe-room opens up in early chapters they also start rushing at Mach 2.

Usually this only happens in the last chapter of Escape since the way to the helipad on most maps isn’t blocked, For example in the Choke or Melee Brawl Paduks Fear works as intended until the bridge is lowered allowing to progress.

In Horde they seem to have a few fixed points spread out over the map they run towards when they’re in Fear.

For Horde most of the time I do (I’ll describe the cards, don’t remember the names)

markza damage
distance damage
execution shield and stim
cause fear on executions

Works well. Worked EXTREMLY well when paired up with marcus who has band of brothers… But, you know, marcus is toxic, so we need to kill him, and all that.

This setup is incredibly OP on low/mid diff levels, and I use it on Master without problems.

I level up the ammo perk immediately, then critical damage. 110+ rounds of markza, especially when you have stim, works great. On guardians, just wait until the shield is down, then pop an active, and unload super quick 5 shots into the guardian and go back into cover, let the bleed work its thing, while others are shooting at it too…

You should always have a broken Marcus regardless :man_shrugging:t2:

u dont need paduk in horde.

Thats what happening in horde, only the mastery of one type of weapon’s character is work in horde
(shotgun kait, snipers fahz, rifle marcus, explosive JD,Keegan)

Second is those have absolute CC/defence ability like clayton lizzie.

The rest characters are only go in as revive-ers, and sub engineer.

He is very fun in escape, and useful if there is no maxed cole in the team.

In horde his active just make enemy running all around, and u duno when will fear goes off, Ai can suddenly return fire and kill u in one shot.

My Paduk is still pretty low but man, with Markza Mastery, the Markza finally feels like the powerful Halo-type battle rifle I imagined all this time. I’d think with that card maxed, it’d be more efficient than using a longshot with most characters due to the higher rate of fire and DPS. I haven’t even tried it with consecutive shot yet. That would be crazy damage for someone with pinpoint aim.