Your 5 favorites skins of characters of Gears 5

1-Hivebuster Clayton(In my opinion, is the best)
2-Major Paduk
3-Piromantic Ben
4-Hollow Raam or Kantus Ronnin
5-UIR Cosmonaut

Really many of the ones that in my opinion are the best skins, they are original from gears 5, but there are others that are also very good, such as Tai from gears 2, Marcus from Judgment, Farmer Dom, cyclops … etc or remodeled from characters like Anya (her face is very detailed like her hair), Dizzy, the zombies … etc, in case someone doesn’t know, even Gary and Lizzie have their faces modeled and they can be seen, even their zombie version, where Lizzie doesn’t have a nose XD, Gears 5 may have some negative aspects, but in terms of character skin it is quite good, thank goodness they did not follow the path of the first 3 operations with that abusive store.

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Desert scion
Locust sniper
Hollow storm Clayton

Probs my top three atm

*excluding any chrome steels

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V day Sam
Chrome Myrrah

Onyx guard both versions.
Gears 3 versions of the rest :wink:

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Oh wait…

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Griffin doesn’t exist, it’s just your imagination. :smirk:

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That’s very difficult. There are too many IMO.

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  1. Civilian Anya (even w the giant hands)
  2. Classic Baird
  3. Queenie
  4. Cyclops
  5. Winter Armor Kait
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  1. Glacier Kait, eventho I don’t have it and never will (I’m not paying $600 for it lmao)

  2. Armored Ronnin Kantus

  3. Any of the Winter (can’t narrow that down, Winter Del is my fav Del of either game, JD is good, Cole is cool, Kait, Marcus, Baird… yea all of them lol)

  4. AAPE/Ice Kait

  5. Any of the Gilded (though technically most of them was on 4 1st)

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Skins I like to use in pvp:

  1. Blood red speaker
  2. Swarm imago
  3. Savage swarm drone
  4. Any locust drone variant
  5. Locust grenadier
  6. Gilded JD
  7. Gilded kait
  8. Any baird
  9. Chrome steel raam

Sorry I can’t count.

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  1. Chaduk (Major Paduk)
  2. Armored Stalker Kantus
  3. Blood Moon Imago
  4. Omega Marcus
  5. Desert Armor Cole

I’d name more but these are my current favs in Gears 5.

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Kait’s nude skin ;o)

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Tactics Onyx Vermelo
Mechanic Mac
Hivebuster Del
Gilded Kait
CS Myrrah

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Quartermaster Keegan and Nomad Paduk.

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Omega Marcus is a skin I’ve wanted for so long so it’s easily my favorite, not far behind are all of Paduks skins, mainly nomad and hivebuster

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Didn’t like at first but appreciating it much more after comparing to the garish Heroic Skin which came out around the same time.

1.Omega Marcus
2.Hivebuster Clayton
3.Civilian Anya
4.Lambent skins can’t pick one
5. Academy Anthony

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V-Day Sam
Chrome Steel Clayton
Islander Lahni
Desert Armor Cole
Mechanic Baird

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  1. V-Day Sam
  2. Civilian Anya
  3. CS Kait
  4. CS Queen Myrrah
  5. Locust Sniper
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  1. Academy Anthony
  2. Hollow Storm Clayton
  3. Classic Dom
  4. Lambent RAAM
  5. Theron Elite (if they fixed his damn head)
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At this rate,you’re right…

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