Your 3 biggest issues with MP

As enjoyable as it would be to make this an all out b**ch fest, i want to keep this structured and constructive so that maybe TC will take a look. So avoid juvenile behavior please.

So, list your 3 biggest issues with multiplayer and a smaller grievance if you want. Here are mine.

  1. Movement and Feel
    After playing a game of gears 4 yesterday i admit it feels a little too floaty and that it makes sense that TC would want to make it fell weightier. But my god did they go too far. The characters are too heavy no and they feel stiff, slow, and clunky.

The characters feel… Heavy. Like they turned the gravity up, slowed everything down, and added delays when going in and out of cover and running. Now it just feels clunky and you’re constantly fighting the character just to do basic tasks.

Doing turning corner shots is nigh impossible for me as they either just stand there or turn in too tight so that I shoot into the wall (or ground) and not the guy. Rolling feels like you’re flipping drywall and just moving feels like you’re running through mud.

Say what you will about 4 being too “floaty” but id take that in a heartbeat over this ■■■■.

  1. Weapon tuning
    I know people didnt especially like the 2 separate weapon tuning in 4 which is understandable as it divided the community. However, they should have started a new tuning from scratch instead of trying to combine core and comp from 4.

This new ungodly hybrid is even more inconsistent and less predictable than even 4 could be. For me, it seems like it switches between comp and core every spawn. Sometimes I can reliably 2 shot down with the gnasher, or down someone with a reasonable amount of shots with the lancer. Other times the gnasher feels like a pea shooter that cant do any damage beyond melee range and yet I get gibbed from what seems like a mile away. The lancer is even worse, I remember one time I put an entire mag into someone running away , didn’t miss any shots btw, and didn’t down him only to get almost insta downed by someone cross map.

Side note: they butchered the gnasher.

  1. Network and servers.
    By now you probably seen or experienced kill cams where the person’s shot wasn’t anywhere near you yet you somehow still got killed. If this is supposed to be the server’s view of events than that is a big problem that is open to abuse.

You know what I mean: Point blanking a guy with a gnasher doing some random % damage (17% for me once), or 2 shots only doing 90 something % only to have the guy turn around and gib you from twice the range.

I remember running from a guy who was shooting me with the lancer: I managed to get into cover and turned the corner so that he couldn’t see me, but for some reason I got downed and killed behind cover. The kill cam showed me running from the guy and getting into cover but instead of turning the corner I just stand there and he is SHOOTING THE WALL BESIDE ME. His reticle wasn’t even red and I could see the bullet holes in the wall beside me.

Personally, I find that warping shots around cover in the worst. In 4 I was pretty good at baiting people to turn cover and then do a pop shot to kill them. In 5 ive lost count of how many kill cams I watched of similar situations where me and a guy where behind opposite sides of cover only to watch him turn cover, look and shoot in the opposite direction, and somehow kill me.

No amount of weapon tuning can fix a bad network. Hell, I admit 4 was inconsistent but at least it was predictable. Gears 5 however, doesn’t have the same predictability which makes its inconsistencies even more apparent. Most fights are a random crap shoot in who wins. Its not fun and can be frustrating.

  1. Grievance: Damage omen
    The damage omen is too intrusive and blocks your view. Give us the option to use the old one or turn the intensity down.

Mine are:

  1. I don’t speak Spanish.
  2. Bloodspray advertising
  3. I just suck in general


1- The fact that it has been 6 days that I haven’t gotten any XP or lvls. Would’ve easily been re-up 3-4 by now.

2- The gnasher’s range needs a bit of work as it is a bit much and the lancer needs to be toned down a tiny bit, particularly its active reload.

3-The amount and quality of the maps. Six maps at launch is a bit of a joke for a AAA game at launch. And the maps were designed for camping trips which makes them a bit dull.

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You still don’t get XP? That should have been fixed says ago. I just hit re-up 2, and someone just posted on the forums of them hitting re-up 5. There should be no issues with the XP as it’s server sided, not client sided. So if I get XP, you should as well.

Nope, still stuck at re-up 1, LVL 26, 1004/1100 XP. Already talked about it to Octus on Twitter, he’s having someone look into it.

Also, other people have replied to me saying they’re having the same issue. Funny, XP worked just fine before but the moment they did their server side update to fix other people’s XP, they effed up mine and others’.

  1. No innovative new game modes to give it some fresh life.

  2. Generic maps that feel soulless and I feel the art style really doesn’t help that along with not having enough maps either.

  3. NO REWARD for playing PVP, no character unlocks or money to buy new skins etc just doesn’t feel like I’m playing for any reason.

I can’t help that feel this game would of been best pushed back a year and released on the new Xbox alongside Halo where they would of had a lot more time to build a better more interesting game and graphically look different to 4.

Horde not getting my 50 waves achievement sadly,does anyone have this problem please,played 3 x games on forge in custom,I did have 2 achievements unlock
Cards with unlocking with Marcus,states upgrade on 3 cards but probably glitched
Reviving gamers few times,every wave it starts at zero.never in my years of horde has this happened