You would not return to a restaurant that was different everyday. Why would you play a game that's constantly changing?

Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and ordering your favorite dish, but it came out differently. Or worse, it wasn’t even on the menu.
Even if you liked what they served you, you might not go back because you’re not sure what you’re going to get.

Given all the changes and problems with gears 5, my brothers and I resorted to Gears 4 last night and it was the most fun we’ve had in a long long time.
The game is not perfect, but it is what it is and we have adjusted our play over time to excel at the game.

Playing gears 5 has been a little like jogging on soft sand. It’s made it hard to find a real groove, which sucks the fun out of the game. Especially for someone who isn’t able to play a lot and stay on top of the adjustments. (working, dad, running at-home learning, etc.)

Please stop futzing with the movement and gameplay, you will never please everyone.

The ranking and matchmaking system from gears 4 didn’t need to be changed.
( I don’t care about my rank, but I do want to be challenged by good players and have good matchups and gears 4 did that well with a few exceptions.)

I WANT to keep playing this game, but devs continue to take away all incentive to do so.

Why would a keep playing a game that I know will change more and more?


It’s kind of our, as the whole community, fault. Im not saying it’s only on our side, but we are the biggest reason of those changes.

The main mistake TC does is that they want to please everyone, vets, noobz, fans and other types of players that are here to play. There is 100% chance that some of the features of game won’t be liked by someone. And that person can scream his disapproval on this on social media, couple another people will join him and from this TC takes their “high demand”.

Players that like current state of game will not say anything. They’ll play the game. And be happy. I don’t know if it’s only me but it’s harder to find any ranked match after op4 release (on eu servers between 18 -22) no matter of matchmaking settings.

So Gears 5 looks like a game made for those who “cries louder”, without it’s soul.

Without the changes this game would still be the broken mess that it was at launch. They are attempting to create a balance in the matchmaking which includes a decent skill gap and doesn’t favour boring gameplay. And they really do need to do that. I definitely agree that it’s frustrating to adapt to changes, but the devs are well aware that the changes are necessary in most respects, I don’t honestly think they’re just pandering to the loudest voices. I think I’m right in saying that they openly admitted that they catered to newer players in the beginning, though, with things like the lunge melee.

The day we stop growing is the day that we start to die


Somebody got a fortune cookie at their fav restaurant :yum:


… in bed :laughing:


Fundamentally I agree with your point here, and love the analogy you’ve used too btw! Changing core mechanics of a game too often inherently limits players ability to improve and “find their groove”. If counterstrike suddenly modified the recoil patterns of it’s weapons then there would likely be outrage. With all that in mind however, I think it’s still important for changes to be made on occasion in order for the game to evolve and continue to stay current, as well as to try and reflect the collective opinions of the community that support and enjoy it. If changes wern’t ever made then we would all still be playing gears of war 1 peer2peer lobbies. (Not that I didn’t love them at the time)

Personally I’m a big fan of the recent changes, and whilst there is definitely room for improvement in some areas, believe that TC have made some good choices and are now headed in the right direction. Overall though it is a difficult line to tread for TC; as you’ve already said, you can’t please everybody.

My mates & I have been playing gow4 too. So much fun!
Game feels like gears of war! Not noob friendly gow5

As someone whos in the restaurant business this comparison doesnt really hold up. Menus change all the time. While you might have a favorite dish it might not be a great seller and will be removed. Restaurants are always changing things, trying to find the next money maker

Games need to change or we’d be complaining. The game is going in a good direction. The sad part is that the people in charge now should have been in charge from the start. If they were we’d be in a much better state


I didn’t mind the ranking in Gears 4 either. I found better players tended to be higher ranked and worse players tended to be lower ranked but the complaining about rank was unreal so I totally see why we as a community are at fault for TC changing it. That being said, maybe they can slowly fine tune this new ranking system to work too. It has very understandable metrics - points for elims, caps, breaks, buy-in costs, etc.

I do feel many people think they should be higher ranked than their actual skill and thus will blame any ranking system, whatever itmay be. Kind of like IQ. More than 50% of people think they have greater Than average IQ which is impossible because mathematically only 50% can have higher than the average and not more.

Everything constantly changes and evolves and those that don’t fall behind and die. Look at Fortnite it’s constantly changing and evolving, adding entirety new gameplay mechanics, some work some don’t. The ones that work stay and get to be built upon in the next update. The only way gears 5 with continue to bring back players(which is has been since op 4 and the dev change) is to keep changing and trying new things and finding things that stick until they build a overall good game like they did with 4.

Also the community honestly has no idea what we want, were all over the place with how things should function and should work. And TC should keep changing and working on things until the majority is happy

the game is getting better these changes are welcome. Then newteam seems like they get it.

If my favorite restaurant didn’t change the menu then chances are it isn’t a very good place to eat.


Kind proposal to all those who still play (and love) Gears 4: please post here “Gears 4 + 5 + UE (Win 10) issues To-Do List” about the enjoyment you have with the game in order to persuade TC to finally deliver the update of Gears 4 that was promised from Jan 2020…

@TC_Sera is actively monitoring that forum (has posted several replies on it) and has kindly offered to ask about the update,



You don’t necessarily have to post about your enjoyment! I’ll be looking into it anyways. It’s about the bugs I need info on :wink:

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