You think TC would keep all esports related stuff in the store always

I don’t see why they don’t tbh
like all the esports weapons/chrome steel characters.
I missed out on Chrome steel Jermad Krav and it looks so good

I wonder myself to be honest. Its not like they’re losing money just keeping them there. I figured they’d keep all chrome steel skins there for everyone to buy which ever one they want. Apparently they’re in high demand so I feel like if they just kept them there they’d make as much money as possible from the purchases.

The timed purchase thing probably put everyone into the corner of “buying it or it’ll never be seen again” is what I think so maybe they made tons of cash that way. But I also feel like they might just end up releasing the skins in a pack in the later lifespan of the game, say when everything’s said and done with all OPS and Esports events.

It could also be they have to make as much room as possible in the esports store for weapon skins,blood splatters,Mark’s and Banners.

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