You sniper and fahz mains in arcade are in trouble

I am bound to become one of the most notorious players in arcade. The second I get the DeeBee and Warden. You guys are screwed. Because I will hunt you down with my Overkill. Nothing more to aside from you guys are going to be complaining about the Overkill being overpowered in a couple days. And even if they nerf it. I will still be killing you guys. (No malicious messages please, I just wanted to share what I am going to do)


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: Love this!

I mean, any sniper who dies to an Overkill probably deserves it so… go off I guess lol.

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Imagine thinking you’re going to get an Overkill within three miles of a skilled player with a Markza (AKA semi-automatic Longshot) KEKW.

They’re in trouble because they’re actually playing Arcade.