You should disable the no duplicate characters

There is absolutely no reason for this rule to exist, the only thing it does is actively make the game worse for everyone. So many games of horse and escape where others leave early because a character is taken.

It’s not like there would be a balance issue in having multiple character, and if you’re trying to force people to play new classes it isn’t working


Disagree, there would me a massive balance issue in Horde. I was in a glitched custom Horde with 2 jacks the other day and the exonomy was totally insane. Similarly, bosses become a joke with multiple JDs.

Lets face it, even with one JD (maxed locker and 4 GL’s) the game is pretty unbalanced, and can be tedious for the rest of the team if you are trying to rack up kills too

I just wish they would unbind the classes and let us have our freedom of choice again. That is 75% of my enjoyment is freedom of choice. Tying them together is terrible and the hero system was a bad call. This is not story mode or story related. Give me back my freedom of choice.

I feel like this is here because the players would be too powerful with like Dels and JDs and under powered if everyone was jack or something

No they should not. I like it the way it is.

I agree. It’s frustrating when you’re trying to level up your characters and cards on the harder difficulties when someone else is already playing that character. Ffs I find myself trying to find a game most of the time without anybody playing the character I want to level up than actually playing the damn game. So yes, get rid of this stupid duplicate character restriction.