You really expect people to

And that is fine, other people like skins. I would think I have spent around £100 on esports and 1x megapack on RAAM. Now obviously I would have preferred to unlock through progression but th at is not the way now. On reflection £100 for nearly 2 years and nearly 2000 hours on Gears 4 offers me a good return. :slight_smile:

Seriously, as frustrating as it is, sponging is pretty much a staple in this franchise by now. It just wouldn’t be Gears of War MP without it

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Also it’s important to remember that literally everyone sponges; yes, even you sponge from time to time.

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I disagree

There is always room for improvement

Without it the franchise will be a memory before you know

Just look at how many angry/frustrated people there are on the threads

Alot of which gave up and stated they wont buy the upcoming game…why???

Because they are fed up with a company that refuses to improve player experience

They need to make the next game worth buying for the sake of the player base.

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The forums and Reddit and the internet in general is a very small fraction of the actual fan base, and the angry ones are always the most vocal. The numbers don’t lie, Gears 4, a year and a half after release, has the highest playerbase day-to-day than any previous Gears of War game.

I’m not saying that Gears doesn’t have a large fan base… I’m simply stating that TC cannot release the next game in the franchise with the same messed up issues we have on Gears 4. Doing so would continue the decline in its fan base…This may only be a fraction of the fan base and the ones being vocal but you also have to consider the ones that don’t say anything as well. Honestly I can gives to poops on who is here and who is saying what and who leaves I’m just saying TC cant continue down the road they are on now and expect to keep players involved.