You really expect people to

Demand is for the packs, doesn’t matter why people buy them, it only matters that they do buy them.

Then why hasn’t the price gone down? Checkmate.

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Eh… economics doesn’t always work like that. My original post explained several of the reasons why the price hasn’t gone down - (1) limited access as you can only acquire with money so it’s still relatively rare; (2) only available for short periods of time (again this adds a level of rarity); and (3 ) changes to the content which offer improved value (guaranteed characters, better drop rates etc which make people want to buy because they feel that compared to earlier eSports packs they had a slightly better deal and therefore better value).

Gear Packs will never sell out. It’s not like they’re limited in number e.g.: “only 100 packs available” so it’s not comparable to say, limited edition material goods.

At some point it may be that the cost will drop, but at present it seems to TC that there’s no need to as people are still buying. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s great value, just better value compared to the earliest packs. And for buyers they probably think this is as good as it gets. What I said earlier is that TC have set a certain standard by not budging on price etc so that what we get for $10 is normalised amd becomes the standard.

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There is demand for the packs because people want them not because they have value or even just a perceived value.
The packs staying at a constant price of $10 means they are decreasing in price as inflation decreases the value of the dollar.
The packs will sell out when they run out of material to make the skins with. Black steel doesn’t just grow on trees.

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I think you’re just taking the mick now… :wink:

I have a theory that Coalition has decided that they want lag between American players & Mexican. Reason being is that the game sells great in Mexico when the lag usually gives them an advantage and they can more easily whup some gringos

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So then a year after Gears 5’s release they won’t fix the issues because they will be working on Gears 6 :smile:


Gears 5 is a fresh start :raised_hands:

I know at least Campaign will be free of lag and sponginess :+1:


I honestly didn’t read through all the replies so I’m sure someone stated it but it’s pretty much a commandment in the business handbook that you have to weigh the benefits of it. Is “insert issue” important enough that we split off resources to deal with it or can we let it pass instead while we focus on the more lucrative product and ensure it’s fixed in that one instead. This is especially true if the resolution to the issue is something very deep in an inconvenient spot (coding wise, etc) because it isn’t just a matter of coming up with a fix or removing something. Will the proposed solution have unintended consequences? What else is dependent on the code? etc.

I work in software qa/test engineering and generally there’s priority/critical/blocker bugs and then there’s bugs that are a problem but not a big enough one to throw money at to resolve and just get noted for fix (or prevention) in a major release.


Yeah, especially if said fix means changing how the game works significantly.

But I’m hoping they fully address it for next one.

I think they tried all the could with several updates and tuning updates …


I think you are right. At a certain point it’s like digging for gold in a burned out mine. Especially if they’ve jacked with multitudes of fixes for various stuff and have it ‘just so’ at the moment. Is it worth the risk to go rooting around to fix or can we call it stable and just add some fun stuff to keep people busy until new release.

I think (hopefully), they learned A LOT from Gears 4 and took very good notes on what not to do and what to do differently so they can avoid a lot of the pitfalls and have an overall polished game.

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Yeah, we also don’t know how many new people were brought in to develop since MS fully owned the franchise.

Experience can only help the team learn and do better :+1:

I read the same stuff about lag, spongey players and high players all over every social platform.

They definitely know it’s a thing.

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“Hey Coalition, don’t mean to bother but did you know Gears 4 is laggy?”


This wins the best post awards for today :clap::clap::clap:

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This :point_up_2:t4::clap:t4:


If they are human they will learn from their mistakes… lol

Buying the game is “investing money”… Ok. I have never bought a pack… And also, that’s kind of what i said… i won’t buy 5.

You’re comment made me think of some thing. Since TC is working on 2 other games besides 5 isn’t that spreading their resources a little thin? Personally I wish they would focus on just Gears 5, more specifically the MP aspect of Gears 5. TC has shown me that they do in fact keep tabs on what we gripe about and like on here so they know that people are leaving the franchise in droves. That being said, if the MP in Gears 5 does not redeem itself there’s not gonna be much of a community left. I myself am overall happy with the MP in Gears 4 besides the rampant quitting and people with crap connections sponging. But now I’m worried their gonna drop the ball on Gears 5 and its gonna turn out like Judgement or worse. I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope TC knows what they’re doing and keep the key staff members focused on Gears 5 alone.

It’s also likely that some one in management at Microsoft unilaterally mandated that there be only one server for N America regardless of whether it ruins multiplayer in GOW4. Then they also deny the request for the resources to fix the issue but too proud and shallow to allow any change to their original mandate.

Whoever wastes real money on pack of skins must be rich,because I really don’t care about skins that much.