You’re nailing the tier system, TC

For reals. When I finish the match with a 3-1 victory, 13/1 KDR and the MVP ribbon to boot I expect nothing less than -140 points.

Anyone else get super awesome matches yet still manage to lose points?


Just get better, Bacon.

Your Gears 3 days are over homie, just don’t got it no more.

All them empty bottles clanking in the background slowed you down.




U dun like me???

Also, mods, feel free to close this thread at any time. Our lord almighty, Skorged Ice, has figured out the issue and provided a very detailed solution.


I just defend an impeccable system where you lose points even if you channel the loin-sweat of the sweatiest comp-players and have the game of your life.

It’s only fair to assume you just gotta get better. I don’t care if you died once an entire game of KoTH and had 80 kills. Game says you messed up and I agree with the system.

The system never fails!!!


Closing on request.