You or one of your squad members are suspended? No time frame for when it’s over

I rarely lag out and don’t quit in the middle of a match but am currently suspended right when I hopped on and tried finding a match. No time frame as to when my suspension is up

I’m in the same boat. I just posted a message as well hoping someone from TC would see it and lift the Ban Hammer. Even seeing a timeline of when the ban ends would be nice. Good luck.

They wont even respond to a Private DM on The Coalition Official Twitter page.

I doubt they even care about their Products and Services or how they Perform after the fact of them Robbing You Blind and Snagging All of your Hard Earned Money.
After that we are apparantly useless to them.

GOOD LUCK :shamrock:

No TC removed the clock from all suspensions so even lf you’re suspended for the minimum (30 minutes) it wont say. To say that the ban is permanent is simply untrue. Aside from TC, only the player has any idea of how long the ban may be (which would be a guess of course). If the player has a history of regular disconnections or quitting then they may be in for a longer suspension. If theres little history then chances are it will be the 30 minute suspension.

I’m fairly sure that if its a permanent ban you will get an error code of some sort.

Why is it being kept a secret how long the Suspension lasts ??

Seems Shady AF to me, more shady buisness practices by TC.

Ihavent been able to play for a week now, so clearly its not no 30 mins. …

I can use that space on my hard drive to play other more relevant games during this unfair downtime, is the reason why I would like to know…

How long is the Suspension? Do i need to just Delete Gears 4 completly off my hard drive, since its just a Useless Brick taking up Massive Space rightnow???

Or, will i be able to actually use something that I paid Hundreds of Dollars for ??? Heaven forbid :roll_eyes::unamused:pfffh

I said that the minimum suspension length is 30 minutes. I’ve heard of longer suspension lengths too - an hour, 24 hours, a week, 28 days. But fact is it’s not always permanent.

I agree that TC should be clearer and transparent about suspension lengths as well as reasons why. I wouldn’t be able to say or even guess at what yours is or why.

So which is it ?
a week ?
a month ?
a year ?

:unamused:do you know whats wrong with the clock timer on the suspension message ?
apparntly thats broken too ?

I don’t know. How would I know? It depends on the severity of what you did (or suppsoedly did).

If you used an aimbot or tried to mod the game, then it’s likely to be permanent.

If it’s a a couple of disconnections or quits spread out over say, a month or two, then it should be 30 minutes.

If it’s regular and constant quitting over a long period of time then it’s probably anywhere in between.

So… look into your heart! Deep down you’ll know what you did or did not do, and should be able to take a guess at what the length is!

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Am i suppose to pray to God ?
To ask what i did when i was playing this busted game ?

The only thing i can find in my heart is a Deep Resentment for purchasing and preordering this Poor Excuse of a Gears Game, other than that im lost…

What did i do ? And what in the Sam Hell is being done to me… Im lost😒

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@TC_Octus and @anon86589457 - I don’t suppose you, out of the goodness of your heart could help and shed light on the situation?

I mean, the whole thing is rather mysterious seeing as you don’t have a clue as to what and why…


TC Octus and TC Vecles might you bestow your almighy power and grace upon me ?
So that i might understand why i can not enjoy the bountiful fruits of thine Labor that i overpaid for ?

Bless me with your almighty power my Lords ? Upon a worthless wretch like me.
So that i might understand what is wrong with thine game.

I summon thee.


Maybe you’ll get lucky. I can’t promise anyone from TC would definitely address this. I’m not their mum afterall but it’s worth a try. And God loves a trier.

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I’m just going to be that annoying optimistic gamer and say that TC will see these messages and help us. Sure, I’ve been disconnected a few times and was forced to quit several matches. 9 times out of 10 the game froze my computer and my only option was a hard reset. This is pretty damn annoying especially when the game is close. I’m hopeful that TC is still looking into this issue for a fix.

The same thing happened to me the other day. I was playing ranked KOTH when my connection dropped and I got kicked to the main menu. I tried to get back but I got the suspended message. “OK…” I thought. “Pretty harsh, but I suppose being forced to play with people with bad connections isn’t fair in ranked matches. I’ll take this one on the chin. At least I can still play social or horde, right?” Nope! I was shocked to find I was also completely locked out of all multiplayer. Why do that? At least let people who got suspended for connection issues still try to play the non-ranked variants. After all, the stakes are nothing for those matches. Also I got a message from a teammate letting me know we won the match so it’s not like there was any chance I had rage-quit and my quitting didn’t even affect the outcome.Thankfully, I must have got the minimum suspension as I was able to play again later that night. From now on though, I’m going to be very wary about playing any ranked.

Suspended for nothing got kicked befor the match even started . Got an error and back to the main
menu suspended this happened twice today. Im suspended as i type this.:cry::cry:


it’s ridiculous, give us the timer and allow us to save time and not go back and forth to test if thr suspension is gone.


But that makes sense, therefor TC won’t do it

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TC put the most time into the least important stuff. I can’t believe they actually decided to implement that solo que koth thing this late in the game’s cycle but small things like this that mean A LOT are just ignored.


Like I said before, I think weed and alcohol are common guests at the daily TC staff meetings…

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