You never learn or listen

I’m truly baffled as why this game takes 1 step forward and two steps back on every release of the game.

Gears 1 was never meant to have multiplayer but it turned out to be one of the best games online at the time for the massive learning curve and skill required to play at such a speed. The players made the game online how it was.

Rod Fergusson and a few others unhappy with that then made the abomination called Gears 2. They tried to make it a tactical shooter. They slowed down the game play. Added in delays to shooting and started aiding casual players.

Gears 3 was close to Gears 1. They added weapons for casuals which most players whined about but it was a back to how I and others remembered Gears of war.

Gears Judgement. Epic games having lost cliffy B decided they wanted the next Call of Duty. Profits before gameplay and they even asked so called professional gamers to help with the online part. Game was an utter mess and ■■■■■■■■ and it flopped bigtime.

Gears 4 - delays back in the game but it wasn’t too bad other then people with poor pings getting aided which then led them to believe they had some superior skill level lol.

Gears 5 tech test… Slowed down gameplay yet again. Delays added in and once again Rod Fergusson wants his tactical shooter. You never learn. Gears campaign sure let’s have the tactical shooter. Gears online I want the no ■■■■■■■■ fast paced game with no delays in shooting. Stop dumbing the game down to create something true gears players will never do in a gears game. They ain’t going to sit back going pew pew pew. It’s not happening!

We ain’t professionals who want to sit back and camp because prize money is at stake. We want to run in and have the battles we used to on Gears 1 and 3. I want the learning curve. I don’t want to be aided in game because I don’t have time to play it all day. I should be punished how I was on Gears 1 until I took the time to get better.

I personally won’t be buying the game for online. I’m not even sure I’ll bother buying it for campaign if the training part is anything to go by. I personally think online is ruined yet again. It feels like Gears of war 2 (2.0 edition )

People can flame me all they want it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to say it.

Have a good day folks.


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