You need to make the ranking system more flexible to fit playstyles

After all this time TC still doesn’t seem to know that not everyone runs in with a shotgun, crossing matters, I drop the most damage/downs on a team and yet I get hit with loads of % lost by not dropping kills, the ranking system needs to track assists and kills, I shouldn’t have to adapt my playstyle to suit what rank I am

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I am probably the least reliant shotgun player on this entire board, if not the game, and my rank is quite fine! I would say better actually, because I fulfill that role and acquire more points that most of the other players.

I got really high ranks in Execution/Warzone with scores like 2-5 or 4-4 but 1500 score (all downs and assists).

You don’t need kills necessarily to rank up. Lancering constantly is absolutely good enough to get Diamond.

AFAIK, the system dynamics computes which stats about performance contribute most to wins. Example, if most players out there win when they get high kills, then high kills probably means a good performance. Little deaths are probably the same.

And I’m confident that Lancer crossing (or with anything besides the Gnasher) that jacks up your assists also correlates directly to wins because that is generally a winning playstyle. As a result, I believe that the system will recognize assists and downs as a statistic for good performance.

I mean, I’m a heavy lancer player struggling to get through onyx 3, because the game recognises my lack of.kills rather than my huge damage and downs

Everybody gets stuck in onyx 3

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The skill gap between Onyx 3 and Diamond 1 is big. At the risk of sounding unkind, I get the sense there are lots of players who think they are better then they actually are.


What Mr. Perk is saying is true about playstyles have to be changed in certain modes. Example. GUARDIAN:

  1. If u are a assist player style and don’t kill the leader often and are just helping by crossing or putting damage on the leader to help your teammates get the kill then after match is won your % will NOT MOVE or GO UP VERY LITTLE (less than 5%).
    I know this because as others have said in past that you’re not completing the objective of the game mode(which is to kill the leader). Doesn’t matter that you got massive assists and very little deaths and won 10+ matches in a row. Your rank will not drastically increase even if you’re beating higher ranks than you. I can also confirm this by my own playstyle in this mode because, I was a support player and didn’t get past silver 2 last season in this mode. Where as my friends who I played with made it to gold 3 and onyx 2. Didn’t make sense to me at the time.
    I won just as much as they did but I didn’t climb as high as them.
  2. This season I’ve changed my playstyle in this mode to leader hunter. I’m already at sliver 2 and see dramatic % increases when we win and I kill the leader. Not even getting MVP either with my team. The increases I’ve seen so far for myself are 10%+ at a time. When I was a supporr it’d only go up 2% at a time.
    So in summation, playstyle does have to be adapted to fit each mode. TDM, high kills/low deaths MVP, DODGEBALL, high kills/low deaths bring people back, and so on. You guys get the picture so I don’t have to highlight every mode.

Uh no this game wants you to utilize every weapon. If a player is running around bodying everyone with the gnasher then he’s probably good. If you mean they are dying and costing the match i get your point. But what you do determines your percentage winning is just an extra bonus. On top of that your competeing with the player base to get that next rank, if they are doing better than you then thats gonna drop your percentage too.