You know what's really fun?

Getting to wave 44 on Horde on insane and then the game just crashes for everybody.
It really did make my day.


That would have been awful.


It’s 4 am and it has driven me to open a bottle of wine.
Thank god I don’t have work tomorrow.
On another note me and my friends can’t even join a single online game now.
It just keeps coming up with error messages and room searches aka (expanding player pool) is taking 5 minutes at a time before we all just give up.
I know it’s day one, but this is a server problem.
Did they not anticipate this game would be popular?

Well 2 tech tests to specifically check server capabilities.


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You should know better then to expect TC to have the online up and working like a well oiled machine, I can’t be the only person who remembers the issues GOW 4 had day 1, and 2.

That comment literally made me spit my drink out.
This is the fifth installment of gears and every time on day one it is a mess.


The irony of it.

2 specific tech tests to test this ■■■■ out for launch…


Fail …

it’s like paying extra for early access is like another beta :)))))))

Remember multiplayer gears of war 2 on day one when every single gnasher shot just hit the floor in front of your feet regardless of what direction you were firing?


Have tried to load campaign 3 times over the last 20 minutes, just keep getting the loading screen, I then have to dashboard as the game just locks up…bloody annoying

I know. What was I thinking?
Paying for a game that I thought I could play straight out of the box?
I need to have a word with myself.

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Well, I definitely didn’t see anything that said the campaign was going to be online only. That’s part of the problem. You pay a good chunk of money to play a game straight out, even for the story mode, and their servers have to support the campaign, to which we all see they don’t. How did any of the Halo games ever fit on a disk? Yet here we are with pretty graphics and useless “Flags” and a campaign mode that is online only. smfh

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True that.

So few ppl remember that!

I love when people say GoW2 worked!

Sorry to hear that! I’ve seen players all over Twitter talking about getting booted at round 49! That sucks!

It hurt.
To go through all that again is going to take hours.

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49 for me, and had to restart the game to see any unlocks

I almost feel sorry for all the forum mods/admins who TC is going to force to go through deleting threads and comments to silence the Gears5 dissenters.

That’s going to take them longer than it does to get to wave 49. Hope the server hosting this site/forum doesn’t crash on them before they can finish. :grinning:

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Shame on all of you who thought this game would be fine at launch, and yes you should know better with TC’s track record and how many GOW games have had serious issues at launch or the first few days to a week.

(this is sarcasm BTW)