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You know what ruins the game for me?

Reading all these stupid complaints so i will forget these forums so toxic like society never letting people found there way. instead you cause so much noise you deaf the ones trying to find there way.


*their way


Oh boy if you think this is toxic, thank the stars you weren’t part of the GoW2 forums. Actually, this is so tame I’m actually impressed.

Anyways, people are using the forums as intended, people voicing their concerns while others praising the game. It’s as it should be.


Why not just play the game instead?

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You lot cannot possibly think that the current state of Gears 5 is acceptable can you?

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But why u lie u came back u said u were done so why u lie huh? Me no understand u me no understand why butt ghost is a real thing that exists and should be talked about more often but nooooo

And u being hypocrite yo u talking bout complaining but yo what u doing complaining now yo I mean am I right come on bruh your post is literally a whiny complaint bro

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You know reading the forums don’t stop your enjoyment of the game right. You can just avoid the forums and play the game and it won’t ruin the game for you. You also have a choice on which posts you read. Your the one letting a website ruin your game.

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Yo preach it bruh