You know what grinds my Gears?

It just came up to me. Why isn’t there a Multiplayer skin or Theron Guard of Marcus and Don for that DLC in gears of war 2. We should make it happen. And have them jokingly make locust bants c:

If those skins were on the COG side, it’d be too hard to tell apart from the other team. If they were on the Swarm side, hearing Marcus or Dom would make you think they’re on COG.


No one likes double agents.

If friendly fire existed, them two would be the most killed characters.


It would be cool in a Horde-only type way, but then why waste all that effort on them if only 50% of the playerbase gets to use them?

For “customisation”.

I’d like to see an eSports match with friendly fire on. One team with RAAM, Theron Guard, Sentinel, Elite, Savage, Helmetless or Palace Guard. And other team having Marcus and Dom in Theron Armour. I’d like to see how many times, players friendly fire each other. (It’ll never happen. I know).

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Yeah. But that would be fun though. Imagine a 2v2–Theron Sentinel and Guard vs Marcus and Dom–i think both teams will be TKing

It would be pretty difficult to tell them apart, Thats the worst when you think your teammate is next to you so you look the other way and then bam your dead.