"You have been returned to the main menu."

“You have been kicked from the game.”

Literally every match for three days. What is going on? I’ve never seen this before.

Download: 188
Upload: 195
Ping: 17

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I’m surprised some people are only getting this now. I’ve had this periodically for over a year.

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And every once in a while you get a little ban for your troubles. Not sure why most times I don’t.


Happened to me for the first time yesterday since around launch. Wouldn’t let me rejoin and lost 9% on diamond 2 :neutral_face:

ugh, if this crap is back i’ll just delete the game. i struggled with this BS for the first 4 or 5 months of the game just trying to finish off 50 waves and being kicked for literally no reason at all about every game.

I was going to finish my 2v2 wins this weekend but not if i have to deal with this garbage again.

Why your internet has more upload than download?

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I admit I know nothing about programming a video game, so things like weapon physics, hit detection, movement animation, etc…

But I sure as frack know a lot about network programming, connectivity, logic (from years of writing real time trading systems for banks) and this is pure BS… Getting disconnection is bad enough, but not being able to reliabily reconnect in the middle of the game is nonsense, BS, amateurish programming at its worst… Really, TC… Hire some people who actually CAN CODE, ok??

I will help you, with network code… Don’t know crap about graphics, but this isn’t graphics… This is socket level communication, a technology stack with 40 years of solid experience…


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I get booted at least once every and can’t get past my rank because of it, this game is horrible

I tried playing a pub horde game last night and got booted at wave 9. lol