"You have been removed from the game" (mid-game)

Both yesterday and Today I have been trying to play Horde mode using the Jack support character. Each time I either join a game or host a game and start, I am removed from the game on either Wave 1 or 2 randomly.

My connection is fine and my ping sits around 30-60 while I play. I won’t lag out or anything, I’ll just be healing someone or zapping an enemy, and then suddenly it just throws me into that blue gear skull loading screen and then back to the main menu, saying that I’ve been Removed from the game. It’s been happening ever since I’ve started playing as Jack, so I get the feeling that it may only be happening when I play as that character for some reason.

I’ve restarted the router, hard reset the xbox several times, and uninstall Ed the game and reinstalled, neither of these solutions have solved the problem.

In the mean time it looks like I just can’t play horde, or at the very least not with Jack anyway. Not tried it with a different character since then.

Does anyone else have this problem?


I’ve been having the same issue, funnily enough it’s jack I’ve been using.

Never thought it could be the character, I’ll need to try play as someone else and see if that makes a difference.

My error says lost connection to game.


Yeah mines the same. It will say “You have been removed from the game” and then “Connection has been lost” just under that first part of the text. Tried googling for answers but I can’t find any. It could be a Jack only thing and possibly not reported much due to hardly anyone picking Jack in Horde. Either way it’s unfortunate, my Engineer is level 12, so I wanted to level up my support character, but I guess the game won’t let me.

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I won’t be able to play until Monday, let me know how you get on with other characters if you don’t mind.:+1:

Yeah I am also having these problems - only with Jack, other Horde caharcters work just fine. Have submitted a report. Its a really odd bug - I appreciate the ongoing connectivity problems, but not why it would only effect one skin!

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Well least I know I’m not the only one suffering with this issue. Now I just wonder how long it will take for a fix to come out so I can play as Jack. Quite a silly bug.

Edit: Just tested again this time playing as Del, got removed from the game again on wave 1 before enemies had a chance to spawn. Horde is completely unplayable for me.

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Just got this for the first time in 30hours or so of horde… mid wave20 … mad lagg spike and then disconnected from gears services… internet still working fine.

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i even get kicked when solo, with or without bots always get kicked -- cant understand wtf happen with this game --

playing with ppl i meet so much toxic and some types else… when i play Kait (have bleeding) then pick up everything i can, then deposit, they kick me?? when i play Cog, mark for them, deposit for them, even dont use any power for myself, they still kick me… wtf they need?? and manytime i meet a team wipe out all at wave 4,5 elite… they build nothing or build tons of turret and no locker, turret dead all at the boss wave… then they run around with light weapon , trying damage a big Flock… pfff

Yesterday I got removed playing masters on vasgar at wave 47. I managed to get back in and finish the full 50. But i didn’t get vasgar as one of my maps mastered .
P****d me off big time , playing over 2 hrs with cog gear for nothing ain’t fun

I’m removed from the various multi-player games a mid of the game… This is an outrage… My network is fine, The other games works fine… What’s going on?!

This game… This game is not fine…