You guys ruined King of the Hill

I like the fact when I lose now I lose a lot of points but when I win I get poop. Even if I remain somewhat even and the score is close I lose a massive amount of points.

Why did they have to change from 4? Oh i know…dumb

I look at a thread about King of the Hill and we’re talking about nazi’s and commies. Wtf?


But you can still lead your team in caps and breaks, no?

What is it that you are after? Fluffing your points on the board? I mean, were you only doing that to get points or were you truly trying to help win the game?

I’m not attacking you or trying to sound like that, I just want to understand this certain viewpoint better.

So what’s the difference now?

Do people feel like it is a kick in the nuts due to points earned?

I personally try to do a little bit of everything rather than putting myself in a box.

It does confuse the scoreboard because those leading should be considered the ones contributing the most.

For example, in TDM having the most points mean you’ve been contributing the most to kills, and thus the match.

In KOTH it’s a bit muddied, but contesting points, (capping and breaking and defending them) can give the most points and the score will reflect that level of contribution at a glance. With the change it makes it muddier, cuz now the glory chasers will come up top and those playing the objective will be pushed to the bottom.

It’s not logical but subconsciously it’ll make those who mainly PTO look like scrubs. Previously it wasn’t perfect but this doesn’t help the scoreboard’s consistency at all.

Edit: Kills contribute plenty too, but spawns are so fast and deaths are nearly inconsequential that farming kills can get in the way of helping the team PTO.

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Yes I can still lead the team in caps and breaks but I don’t get rewarded for playing the objective. If I’m the only one on my team playing the objective lead the team in caps and breaks but don’t get the most Elems ppl are gonna say I’m trash even tho I essentially won us the game. I mean I might as well just sit back and be a spotter since it’s as good as getting a cap.


Just lost 1200 point because you put me with trash players…thanks alot for this stupid game

Nice lol.

Story of my life in KOTH, lol.

Cute. :joy:

Seriously, people should just leave that bs on Twitter tbh. Last thing I want is this forum to turn into what most of the internet has turned into lol.

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Wait, was there an explanation for this change that I missed? I’m assuming it has to do with rank being tied to score per minute and them wanting to incentivize slaying over capping. Or were people abusing the points somehow?

You’re thinking about the lot of the first half of the 20th century. A bunch got prosecuted, a lot got away with their crimes. Their ideology never died though and for some years now it has come back in the open trying to fit in the main stream. It used to be ‘neo nazi’ or ‘extreme right’ but it’s covered with the friendlier sounding ‘alternative right’ now. You can consider people like the one who shot and killed 50 people in mosques in New-Zealand among them.

Personally I find it quite disturbing that there are people like that on the forums, or at least so openly showing it off. I can understand there are limitations for the moderators or even TC as it’s connected to Xbox Live, but whatever’s possible should be done.


I agree. I rarely play objective game types because many players use it to pad K/D. I would like to see K/D disabled for objectives, that way ypu don’t lose K/D but equally you cannot pad it either. It’s not just Gears, Halo and CoD should do it too.

Closing, please use the Main thread for this topic :slight_smile: