You guys ruined King of the Hill

Great film btw

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They should just not show points for kills, caps , downs , etc. If I was TC I would do this stupid change just to see how upset this toxic community can really get. But I don’t believe gears 5 will get better as it continues on this path

30/10 is too extreme in my opinion but a reduction is certainly good.

Too many people were tying their performance too much to points. Too many people were cap hungry and breaking the ring like idiots.

Also, I doubt people will play any differently.

Had a game last night with 26 caps, 160 elims and 68 downs and had two or three other people in the game with around 20ish caps also.

Hate to sound like this but this might only affect people who are maybe not that good and depended on caps and breaks to fluff their performance.

From what I see and predict, those who play to win like myself and @mike_yaworski will not alter our play style at all.

It’s fair to argue that people play it like TDM and what not but let me ask you this:

So did 300/100 mean that people only played the objective for points? Their intention wasn’t genuine? They weren’t trying to win but only fluff themselves?

Uh oh. That’s exactly what this change is for. Just play!


Play team deathmatch if you don’t like people who are caping hills…

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I’m probably the person with the most KOTH ring caps in franchise history. I have got to be top 5 for sure. Bet my life on it.

You mean only extreme LEFT!

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I like to blame the Left

Dang commies :-1:

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Always up to mischief

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Should be an easy fix. Change it back now.

As previously and clearly mentioned, this would be an Xbox Live enforcement issue, not something we as volunteer forum mods for TC can deal with.

Also I have never played with nor spoken to this person, so pretending I am something letting something go due to us being “friends” is ridiculous.

You have been told that this has nothing to do with us before. Its like walking into the DMV and complaining about the democratic primaries and you want a candidiate removed, then ranting about how incompetent the staff there are because you aren’t getting what you wanted.


It’s amazing how many bad ideas they have

The Totenkopf is being hosted on this site, she already changed her gamerpic weeks ago so this is on you and the staff of this forum now.

And this “Oh we can’t do anything because it’s an Xbl issue” is such nonsense. Would you really let someone post on this forum if they had a decapitated head or the Swastika as their gamerpic?

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Some people man


“SoMe PeoPle Man AmiRite Guyz?”

I can’t actually stop anyone from posting on here. I can’t ban/suspend/silence people or delete posts. Only senior mods or TC employees.

How is this on me?

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And I think that’s ridiculous. How can someone be allowed with such symbolism on a Microsoft owned forum? I know the answer but it should be different.

And not on you on a personal level but as a mod and staff in general (as in: the responsibilty of staff).

And even the admins basically say they are powerless. It doesn’t make any sense and this is a clear example why some things should change (tools for mods and admins on this forum in conjunction with Xbox Live).

Edit: And this was my last post about this subject.

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I’m a hardcore KOTH player and it has always been my #1 favorite game mode and it is now completely ruined. I liked KOTH specifically for the fact that it was an objective based game mode and I love to play the objective and always lead my team in caps and breaks this is just pathetic. I first noticed the change in quick play and I was like ok fine I get it. But when I went on ranked I was baffled. This “nerf” came out of nowhere and has completely ruined the incentive to play KOTH at least for me anyway. The ranking system for KOTH was already broken since it seemed the only way you could go up in points was if you won a round and got the most eliminations possible. This has just completely ruined it for me. I have tried to support and defend this game from the get go but it has gotten to a point where this genuinely pisses me off. If TOD2 is trash I’m abandoning this game and going back to G4 I’m getting really fed up and bored with this game at this point.


Yup. This a million times. Same for me. This sucks.

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