You guys ruined King of the Hill

This update to Capture and Break point rewards has wrecked the mode. 30 points for a capture and 10 measly points for a break? People obviously still play the objective in order to win the game, but the pace is totally different now, and I mean that in a bad way. No one’s pulling crazy risky sacrifices, there’s no big, bloody fights INSIDE the ring. It’s kind of just team death match now. You have de-incentivized being a hero. The gameplay used to be chaotic and fun, with people diving for the win and 8 people all duking it out in the moshpit for points. I understand the idea here I guess, but if I wanted a more tactical mode I would play escalation or execution. I want a senseless, meatheaded bloodbath.


Here they come lol (the koth threads i mean lol no offense op.)

Im sorry to hear this my fellow koth player… its a tragedy…

It has been abused in the past especially in quick play, but 30 points and 10 points for objectives are terrible.

I’m sick of playing KOTH and having team mates who just play for kills and treat it as an extended version of TDM; and by reducing the points awarded for completing objectives - in a game type specifically for objectives - will only push people to play for kills.


They shouldn’t of made it 30 that’s to low. It seems like TC always goes to extremes on issues like this and never finds the correct balance . It’s either far left or far right.


I’m fine with them adjusting it, I know a lot of weasels extort this, but it’s an objective based game mode… the rewards should still somehow come from being where you’re supposed to be and always trying to interrupt the enemy’s flow. Idk, make it less points, sure, but 30? 10??? Maybe breaks should even be worth more than captures given that it’s the riskier of the two. You have to have balls to break, there’s no exploiting that, a break is always productive. I understand that there’s people who jump in for the cap at the last sec and that’s annoying. Idk Microsoft, just make them 50 and 150 or something so they can at least add up to something.


The people downing people before they get to the hill are more valuable then someone randomly standing in a circle.


Well it’s just gonna be a long tdm now, the whole play style will change …


When TF was this ever the case? Lmfao


To be honest it is not necessary to “sacrifice”. Play as team and kill them, take the hill.

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Oh for sure, I guess I’m just bummed that I’ve already noticed that it isn’t as hectic. It was always great to see like EVERYONE bustin it to try to push right in there, and that still happens, yea, but I just think people used to really go for it. You’d see a lot more gnasher and frag multis and idk it was always just a bloodbath. Now I only ever see one or two in the ring and then just a bunch of little lancer firefights around the flanks. It’s just different. All I’m saying.

Are the points lower? Sure. But that shouldn’t change the way the mode is played. You can still be a hero and you should still sacrifice yourself to save the match.

The objective hasn’t changed. Sounds like you play just for points and not the team.


Not at all, I’m not so concerned with the points, just the pace of the game. It has very much affected how people play. Everyone’s much safer and it’s slowed down.


Hmm idk man. I think it’s just in your head. I played a few matches last night and still felt like KOTH.


Finishing a game with 20 caps now is equal to less than 4 full kills…what the heck? I agree points awarded for a cap were too high, but making it the same amount of points as an assist from spotting someone is a bit extreme.

It was already a pain finishing games with teammates that had <5 caps and same amount of kills as you in 3 rounds, but at least you would be rewarded for actually playing the objective.


TC back at it again tackling only the non-issues.


Tc didnt think people would.level up so fast and finish ToD. so to slow down player rankings… they nerfed ring objective pts lol jk

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I’d say the scoreboard was already pretty accurate.

Players proficient at playing the objective and securing kills were always near top.
Those who could play the objective but were not great keeping it were middle of the pack.
Those who only roamed around for kills or stole downs and ignored objectives were at the bottom.
Players clearly in a much higher ELO than the rest of the lobby would generally be top of the board regardless if they played objective or not.

Now it’s just going to play similar to a TDM match for scoring (in my opinion).


I’ll post exactly what I said in another thread

Getting rewarded for capping the hill is extremely important. This is single handedly the dumbest move ever. It’s an objective game type! I can’t even with this company any more. A 9yr old would be able to tell you the importance of getting points in an objective game type and rewarding the person playing the objective. This is lazy.

Adjust the way the ranking is in koth rather than entice players to ignore the objective. TDM is where this type of play should exist. The ranking system should revolve around the objective in each game type and a little around individual skill. If you can’t get that right there’s no reason for a rank on that game mode.

Rank revolves around player skill on that particular game mode. If it’s kills for every game mode YOU MIND AS WELL just have one rank for all the modes. This is so idiotic.

Someone explain how dumb this is to TC. I don’t even know how they can call themselves game developers at this point. I rlly don’t. You’ve now ruined king of the hill. Good job guys.


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