You guys out there on xbox having decent fun, pc is just TERRBLE!

I literally can’t even open my game now without it crashing, game stutters way too much… dont even get me started on wallbouncing and or gnasher… the wallbounce mechanic is completely different than xbox i think. Maybe its just cause if i really wanted to wallbounce good i would need to hold A. D . A, D constantly just to remain looking the same way…

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Absolute terrible truth. I must say that wall bounces have become better compared to Gears 4. But still far from Xbox. TC cannot configure its game for the main platform, so we will see more than one launch of new Gears, while they pay attention to us.

P.S. I use Xbox One Controller…

I mean lets be honest, do you really want to?


yo xD, that ■■■■ made me laugh so hard I literally opened my game just now and it crashed after reading this… your right, im not going to play this game

LuL PC is a huge advantage compared to XBox (at least compared to launch Xbox. Haven’t tried the One X).

Questionable for Gears 5, but Gears 4 was more fun to play on PC. I cant say i have had fun playing Gears 5 on PC.

You think we’re having fun? Lol

Nah. I’m having a terrible experience. Can’t find a match with a group of friends. My times being wasted at this point. 1 hour no match & counting. I’m on Xbox too. Could play solo to find a match faster but my randoms are always trash bots & even if I carry I lose points. It’s frustrating right now.

When I get to play it’s fun.

Make an alt account.

Rank is busted atm, hit detection is extremely busted, no use in worrying about rank at this point.

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