You guys gotta give this a read (Gears 1 Article)

This is an article from November 2, 2006, 5 days before gears 1 released, and there’s some real cool content here that got leaked, and you can notice the crazy amount of change the game went into (please at least half of it)

atleast this seems like its obviously fake.

The article writers are clearly taking the pis$ and dramatising events with their own comedic touch.

I lost it (and realized) at the minecart part. And then when he starts to cry even earlier in the following stories like too soon hahah (made it even funnier because I have an inside joke with friends about that specifically) (the movie Spider-Man we watched was like 2 hours of crying and 30 seconds of fighting and the main actor cries like out of nowhere where it’s not due it was the funniest movie I’ve ever seen in my life) (my experience was unmatched and don’t think it can be topped, couldn’t explain it to too well though) (more parentheses here)

It was quickly given away by the fact Marcus cries. It’s Gears, not a JRPG…

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Yea but it wasn’t completely made apparent. It still COULD have been real to an extent