You forgot the obvious! Is War Machine Already In the Game?

Playing the map in 2v2 gnaser which is part war machine! Hello? Starving us for maps and that is an old fan favorite which is practically in the game. Open it up and give us war machine for horde and PvP! If you do it doesn’t count as an OP6 map because we should have had it a year ago! And I thank you in advance!

Never understood either why this was never done. Should have been very obvious.

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Reworking a small section of an existing map for a specific 2v2 mode isn’t the same as having the entire map ready for all MP modes.

But yes, why TC didn’t do the remaining effort is a mystery.

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Indeed! Bump this so maybe those in the ivory tower will notice us again lol! Also you’re welcome TC cause I have given you so many good ideas over the years…
I should be on your pay roll as a consultant!

Jesus though I’d imagine half the jobs done there isn’t it.

If they take a month to port fully over you can halve that time surely.

@Bleeding_Pepper sightly clickbait-y?

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Extremely. Do it Clown!

I can’t. They took away my ability to change thread titles a long time ago…
I sorta maybe kinda abused it…

I saw the first sentence of the op’s title and was like “Wow this looks interesting!” But then I saw the second sentence and was like “Boring!”